Mobile Home Upgrades: Top Features to Consider

Upgrading your mobile home? Brilliant choice. You’re not just buying a space but crafting a haven tailored for you. The options are endless, whether it’s the warm embrace of premium insulation or a kitchen that wows at every turn. But navigating the sea of choices can feel overwhelming, right? Not to worry, this guide lays it all out, giving you the lowdown on the finest upgrade options available. Let’s dive in!


Upgrade Options



- Insulation

- Exterior Wall Studs

- Floor Joists and more

Tailor your mobile home's basic structure for durability and comfort.

Check local building codes. Opt for better insulation for energy efficiency.

- Endwall Eaves

- Door Locks

- Roof Pitch and more

Enhance curb appeal and ensure a lasting first impression.

Consider weather conditions in your area when selecting siding, roof, and window trim options.

- Carpet Grade

- Ceiling Texture

- Wall Finish and more

Craft the cozy, comfortable living space you've always dreamed of.

Prioritize easy-to-clean wall finishes and high-quality carpet for longevity.

- Cabinetry

- Countertops

- Dishwasher and more

Combine functionality with style in the heart of your home.

Always measure space before selecting appliances. Invest in durable countertops for high usage.

- Bathtubs

- Cabinets

- Faucets and more

Create a serene, efficient space for daily rituals.

Opt for easy-to-clean surfaces. Don't overlook storage when selecting cabinets.

- Heating and Cooling

- Water Heater

- Plumbing and more

Ensure the efficient and smooth operation of your home's vital systems.

Consider renewable energy options. Regular maintenance is the key to long-lasting utility systems.

1. Construction


Step right in; it’s time to build the bones of your dream mobile home. Think strong foundations, walls that hold secrets, and floors that echo with laughter. It’s the canvas awaiting your masterpiece, the stage for all your home adventures. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of construction.

Construction Options


So, let’s kick things off with insulation. Imagine wrapping your home in a big, cozy blanket. That’s what excellent insulation does. We’re talking about the perfect balance of cool in summer and warm in winter. You’ve got options here: fiberglass, foam boards, and even cellulose. Size-wise, consider thickness – ranging from 3.5 to 12 inches or more. It’s all about finding that snug fit for your home!

Exterior Wall Studs

Next up, exterior wall studs. They are the skeleton of your home, literally holding everything up. Typically, they’re spaced 16 or 24 inches apart, center to center. The closer they are, the sturdier your home. Picture a robust and resilient framework for your abode. That’s what you’re aiming for here.

Interior Wall On Center

Let’s move inwards to the interior wall in the center. It’s all about spacing here too. Usually, we are talking 16 inches, but going up to 24 inches is not unheard of. It gives you that open, airy feel, offering more room for insulation. Choose wisely; it’s the canvas for your interior masterpiece!

Interior Wall Studs

It’s time to chat about interior wall studs. These can be a tad thinner than the exterior ones, spaced about 16 to 24 inches apart. Picture this as the frame holding up your beautiful interior walls, the backdrop for all those memories you’ll create.

Side Wall Height

Height matters, doesn’t it? Especially when we talk side wall heights. Standard is about 8 feet, but why not reach for the stars with a towering 9 or even 10 feet? It gives that luxurious, spacious vibe, allowing you to breathe and stretch in your space.

Floor Decking

Floor decking, the unsung hero holding everything and everyone up. Typically, you’ll find options in thicknesses ranging from 19/32 to 1-1/8 inches. That extra thickness? It’s giving you a firm, unyielding ground to stand on!

Floor Joists

Last on our construction journey are the floor joists. These are your home’s silent supporters, usually spaced at 16 or 19.2-inch intervals. Picture a network of beams, giving your floor that solid yet springy feel beneath your feet. Choose wisely to walk on a firm floor, yet forgiving every single day!

And there you have it, the ABCs of mobile home construction! It’s all about creating a solid yet cozy shell, setting the stage for a home that’s uniquely you. Remember, every inch counts in carving out your dream space. So, delve in, mix and match, and make those bold choices. After all, your dream home is waiting to be built, one meticulous, wise decision at a time!

2. Exterior


First impressions matter; your mobile home’s outside view holds the golden key to setting the stage. Think vibrant siding colors dancing gracefully with morning dew. Let’s open that door and enter the fabulous world of exterior upgrades!

Endwall Eaves

First on the list: end wall eaves. Picture the little roofs extending over the edges of your home. They’re not just there for style — they’re your home’s shield against rain and harsh sun. Standard options stretch out about 12 to 16 inches. But if you’re all about that extra protection and a bold look, you might even go up to 24 inches. Yes, size does matter here!

Front Rear Eaves

Moving on to the front rear eaves. Like their end-wall cousins, they defend your home, standing guard over your front and back doors. You’re looking at a span from 12 inches to a dramatic 24-inch overhang. It’s your home’s hat, if you will, so go ahead and choose a style that says “you.”

Door Locks

The next stop is door locks. Think security meets style. You’ve got choices galore, from deadbolts to smart locks with pin codes. They come in different sizes, too, fitting doors that are 1-3/8 to 2 inches thick. It’s like having a tech-savvy guard dog that doesn’t bark.

Front Door

Speaking of doors, let’s talk about front doors. Standard widths range from 30 to 36 inches. Think grand entrances and warm welcomes. Play around with materials and colors; maybe even choose a custom size to create a unique doorway.

Exterior Lighting

Lighting, the unsung hero of curb appeal. Depending on your space, you can opt for 5 to 14-inch wide fixtures. From wall lanterns to outdoor chandeliers, the choices are boundless. Light your path home with style and a splash of personality.

Rear Door

Now, the rear door — it’s not just an exit, it’s a statement. Like the front, they stretch from 30 to 36 inches wide, offering a grand or cozy entrance to your backyard. Yes, it’s all about balance, and your rear door is a big player in getting it right.

Roof Pitch

It’s time for roof pitches, the crown of your home. A steep one can rise 6 inches for every 12 inches it runs, giving your home a majestic look. Then there’s the low-slope option, which is more chill but offers excellent protection against the elements. It’s all about what vibe you want to give off from the get-go.


Shingles, the roof’s protective layer and style icon. Sizes generally start at 12×36 inches per piece. Choose from a palette of colors and materials to suit your aesthetic. It’s like picking the perfect hat for your home; it has to be just right!


We’re onto siding now. Imagine the broad canvas that is the exterior of your home. Panels range from 6 to 12 inches wide, offering a play of lines and shadows. It’s all about crafting that first impression, the grand reveal as you approach your home.

Window Trim

Next up, window trims. They frame your view of the world, with widths starting at a petite 3.5 inches and going up to a bold 7 inches. It’s a subtle touch that frames your windows beautifully, like putting the perfect frame on a gorgeous painting.

Window Type

Last but not least, the window type. Sizes vary wildly, but standard ones stick to 24×24 to 48×48 inches. Think of it as choosing the eyes of your home, wide and welcoming, or small and mysterious. The world, or rather your home, is your oyster here.

There you have it! The nuts and bolts of mobile home exterior options are all laid out. Remember, it’s not just about protection against the elements; it’s about crafting a space that’s all you from the ground up. Step by step, piece by piece, your dream home is coming together with style and flair in every inch!

3. Interior


The interior is where your story unfolds, where every corner speaks volumes about you. It’s more than just walls and floors; it’s about textures, tones, and tender moments. Think soft carpets beneath your feet and walls echoing your laughter. Dive into a realm where design meets comfort, crafting your spaces uniquely. Ready to explore? Let’s make your interior dreams come alive!

Carpet Grade

Stepping right in, let’s talk about that plush feeling underfoot – carpets! When choosing, you’re eyeing grades from builder-grade to luxury. The thicker, the better, with options spanning from 20 to 60 oz. You get to decide how plush or firm you want it to be. Choose a carpet you can’t wait to step on daily.

Ceiling Texture

Glance up, and let’s chat about ceiling textures. From smooth to popcorn, the options are rich. Materials? You’re looking at drywall, plaster, or even metal panels. And don’t overlook the dimensions, which range broadly to fit every home’s unique style. Pick a texture that has you sighing in delight every time you look up.

Interior Doors

Next on the trail, we have interior doors. Solid wood, MDF, glass — oh, the choices you have! Widths generally dance between 24 and 36 inches, offering varying levels of openness and privacy. Remember, your doors can be a grand statement or a subtle invitation, guiding the way through your home.


Now, onto molding, the finishing touch in any room. Materials vary from wood to polystyrene, and sizes range from 3 to 8 inches wide for crown moldings. It’s like the cherry on top, adding that perfect finish to your rooms. Dive in and find that perfect frame for your walls.

Interior Corners

Interior corners, the unsung heroes providing a seamless transition between your walls. Commonly, you’d see rounded or squared types crafted from materials like vinyl or metal. The magic here is in the details; a little curve or a sharp edge can define the whole vibe of your room.

Safety Alarms

Safety first, style close behind! Your alarm options include smoke, carbon monoxide, and combination alarms, designed to fit discreetly within your home’s layout, generally in a compact size of 5 to 7 inches in diameter. These tiny devices are big on safety, ensuring peace of mind as you decorate your space to your heart’s content.

Wall Finish

Wall finishes the canvas of your home’s personality. You have a palette of options from matte to semi-gloss paints, with bases ranging from oil to water. Let your walls speak volumes with textures and colors that resonate with your style. It’s time to paint your story, one vibrant brush stroke at a time.

Interior Walls

Lastly, let’s walk through the interior walls. Materials range from drywall to wood, offering a playground of textures and tones. Dimensions? Generally, walls stand 8 to 9 feet tall, presenting a grand backdrop for your life’s moments. Choose materials and heights embody your spirit, turning your house into a home, one wall at a time.

So there it is your guided tour through the world of interior options. From the floors to the ceilings and everything in between, your choices here craft the heartbeat of your home. Embrace the array of textures, materials, and dimensions available. Each option is a step closer to carving out a space that’s every bit as unique, vibrant, and warm as you are. Dive in. The canvas is yours to paint!

4. Kitchen


The kitchen is more than just a space; it’s where memories are stirred and whipped up daily. From the perfect cabinetry to that sleek countertop, every detail counts. Let’s embark on crafting a kitchen that’s functional and a feast for the eyes. Ready to dive into the world of delightful kitchen upgrades? Let’s cook up something special!


Alright, food lovers, let’s start where the magic happens – the cabinetry. From classic wood to modern laminate, you have a buffet of materials. Sizes? Standard base cabinets are around 34.5 inches tall, with wall cabinets reaching 42 inches. Picture opening a cabinet to reveal shelves organized just as you like — a sight to behold!


Next up are countertops, where your culinary dreams take shape. Materials range from granite to quartz, each coming with its unique perks. Typically, you’re looking at a thickness of about 1 to 3 inches. Imagine a space where style meets functionality, setting the stage for all your gourmet adventures.


Moving on to dishwashers, the unsung hero in the kitchen. You’ll find them in slim 18-inch versions or the standard 24-inch variety. Choose from built-in, portable, or countertop types. Envision ending a delightful meal with the comforting hum of the dishwasher doing the hard work for you – pure bliss!


Next stop, faucets, the jewelry of the kitchen. Material options dazzle with chrome, stainless steel, and even brass. Pull-down, pull-out, or single handle? The choices are endless. Just imagine the water flowing in a perfect arc as you fill a pot for pasta night — it’s the little things, right?


Let’s talk flooring, where style meets every step. From tiles to hardwood, the varieties are both durable and chic. The size of your tiles can vary greatly, from tiny 1×1 inch mosaics to grand 24×24 inch slates. Picture a floor that greets your feet warmly each morning, a true unsung hero in the kitchen’s story.


Onto lighting, the spotlight of the kitchen. Pendant lights, chandeliers, or recessed lighting – the choices are many. With sizes ranging from petite to grand, each option casts a unique glow on your space, setting the mood for culinary creativity and warm chats.

Range Hood

Venturing to the range hood, a fusion of style and function. Choose from under-cabinet, wall-mounted, or island hoods. Picture a sleek design, around 30 to 36 inches wide, whisking away smoke and odors, keeping your kitchen fresh and inviting. It’s not just an appliance; it’s your kitchen’s breath of fresh air.


Next, the heartbeat of the kitchen, the refrigerator. From top freezer side-by-side to French door varieties, the options are splendid. Dimensions? They start around 28 inches wide and can stretch up to 36 inches. Envision opens it to find shelves of fresh produce, cool drinks, and delightful snacks, all perfectly chilled and waiting.


Lastly, the sink, where freshness meets function. Materials range from stainless steel to fireclay, offering a playground for your preferences. Sizes generally start at around 24 inches for single-basin options. Imagine a sink that fits all your needs, whether washing veggies or filling up a kettle for a warm cup of tea.

There you go, a sneak peek into the beautiful world of kitchen choices. It’s more than a kitchen; it’s a canvas where your culinary dreams take shape, one exquisite detail at a time. So, carve out a space that sings to your style and whispers to your gourmet soul, beckoning you to create, enjoy, and savor the heart of your home.

5. Bathroom

Bathroom Options

Dive into bathrooms, where daily routines transform into self-care rituals. Think of a space where luxury meets functionality, where every detail whispers relaxation. With the right upgrades, it’s not just a room; it’s an experience.


Let’s dive right in with the centerpiece of relaxation – the bathtub. Freestanding, alcove, or drop-in — each type invites you to unwind in style. Materials? Think luxurious acrylic or traditional cast iron—a standard tub measures about 60 inches long, setting the stage for those lavish bubble baths.


Next up, we’ve got cabinets, the guardians of your bathroom essentials. Choose from wall-mounted to free-standing types crafted from materials such as wood or laminates. Picture cabinets stretching anywhere from 18 to 48 inches wide, standing ready to house all your go-to items, each nook, and cranny offering a home for your daily necessities.


Onto the countertops is where beauty meets function. Materials like quartz and granite steal the show, presenting a durable yet stylish option. The standard depth here hovers around 22 inches, offering ample space for priming and prepping adventures. Picture a countertop that combines grace and utility, complementing your bathroom aesthetics beautifully.


Let’s talk about bathroom fans, the silent heroes ensuring your bathroom remains fresh and moisture-free. You’ll find them in sizes starting from 50 to 110 CFM, ready to suit bathrooms of all dimensions. Imagine a space where the air is always fresh, adding a touch of comfort to your daily routines.


Flowing to faucets, where design meets daily utility. Materials here range from chrome to brushed nickel, each offering a unique charm. Standard faucets stretch between 4 to 16 inches, accommodating a variety of sink sizes. Envision the water flowing gracefully each morning, welcoming you to a new day.


Stepping into flooring, where style meets your every move. Whether it’s porcelain tiles or natural stone, the choice is yours. Sizes vary greatly, ranging from small 1×1 to large 24×24 inches. Picture flooring that echoes your style, offering a warm embrace to your feet each day.


Onto lighting, your bathroom’s spotlight superstar. From vanity lights to recessed lighting, you have various choices to illuminate your space beautifully. Picture a room bathed in just the right glow, highlighting every corner elegantly, making your daily rituals a delightful experience.


Next, we venture to the shower, a haven of refreshment. Glass enclosures, or curtain setups. The styles are endless. Shower spaces usually start at 32 inches square, offering a spacious backdrop for refreshing retreats. Imagine an area where water dances to your tune, bringing invigoration with every drop.


Moving onto bathroom sinks, where functionality meets style. Materials here range from ceramic to stone, with dimensions starting at a compact 16 inches for pedestal designs. Visualize a sink that stands ready each morning, offering a blend of style and function that starts your day right.


Lastly, the unsung hero – the toilet. It comes in round or elongated. The materials range from porcelain to ceramic, with a standard rough-in size of 12 inches. Picture a throne that meets all your comfort and style needs, seamlessly blending into your bathroom’s aesthetic.

6. Utilities


Let’s dive into the unsung heroes of your mobile home: the utilities! Think about it. They’re the silent champions ensuring everything runs smoothly. From the warmth on a chilly evening to that refreshing morning shower, utilities are at the heart of it all.

Heating and Cooling Systems

First, let’s heat things up and cool them down with the right HVAC system. Forced air, heat pumps, or radiators — the choices are extensive. Dimensions can vary massively, but a typical furnace size is around 18 to 42 inches in width. Imagine a home always at the perfect temp, ready to embrace you in warmth or coolness, season by season.

Water Heater

Next, we slide to the water heater territory, an actual household MVP. From tankless to traditional tank styles, each holds its charm. Usually, you would find them in 40 to 60-gallon capacities for a family home. Picture never running out of hot water in the chilly mornings, a silent guardian ensuring warm, comforting showers day in, day out.

Electrical System

Switching gears to the electrical system is the lifeline of all modern comforts. Typically, a home might boast a 100 to 200-amp service. Envision a system working seamlessly behind the scenes, powering your life’s joys, from lighting up your spaces to energizing your beloved gadgets without a hitch.


Plumbing is the silent veins that run through your home. Typically crafted from materials like copper or PVC, these pipes come in various diameters ranging from ½ to 4 inches. Imagine a system efficiently steering fresh water to you and whisking away waste, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment 24/7.


Upgrading your new mobile home involves choices across multiple facets: the foundational construction, aesthetic exteriors, cozy interiors, a functional kitchen, a relaxing bathroom, and efficient utilities. Each decision shapes the comfort, functionality, and style of your space.