Mobile Home Porches Design Ideas

In the past years, you could only find trailers used as a mobile home, but now the design is way more variables than what you think. You can see it look the same like homes built from bricks and mortars. Even if it’s not manufactured from those solid materials, mobile homes are still strong and […]

Affordable Double Wide Skirting Ideas for Your Mobile Homes

If you have a plan to build a double wide mobile home, it is important to consider about the skirting.  You need to use skirting because it is used to hide the structure of the double-wide mobile house. Moreover, it also protects the piping installation for freezing problem. The most important thing is that the […]

Exterior Stairs for Mobile Homes

Finding exterior stairs for mobile homes is essential for some people. It can be a smooth entrance for your family and guest. Picking the righteous one is necessary. No doubt, you want to get exterior stairs which are matching with your mobile homes. Either to make your own or buy the steps in furniture shops, […]

Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

The challenge in decorating a mobile home is how to make the interior feel as spacious as possible. We usually catch this claustrophobic vibe coming out of the interior of a trailer park. Well, the majority of manufactured homes are inevitably compact, probably small in your dictionary. It is pretty daunting to deal with a […]

Creative Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

Having a mobile home is all about simplicity. These are typical dwellings quite affordable in comparison to regular homes built on lands.  Though revamping a new home is not an obligation, it can enhance the look of the interior and exterior. A remodeling project should not necessarily be costly. It depends on which direction you […]


How to Decorate a Modern Mobile Home

Do you want to have a modern mobile home? There are some exciting things about it. Modern manufactured homes look sleek with straightforward designs, but it does not mean that you can not make them more intricate. If you have one of these homes, then it is your privilege to set it up the way […]