How Much is Used Double Wide Mobile Homes?

Used double wide mobile homes in Zillow site is around $165,000. These homes are already budget-friendly, but if you wish for a more economical alternative, you can just buy a used one. Setting a budget is the first to do before you head off to dealerships to find one that suits your needs. Here is […]

Are you wondering about double-wide mobile home prices?

Since they are larger than ordinary mobile homes, their prices are higher. Whether you want to build it from scratch or buy an already-established one, you will end up paying more. What is the reasonable price for a double wide manufactured house? There is no exact price. There are a lot of things to take […]

How to Decorate Double Wide Trailers

Double wide trailers would be very appropriate for those who want to have a mobile home that is by your wishes. Typically, many people use the single-wide mobile home trailer as their choice, but yes it is different size because it has not the same width. If you want to have mobile homes, make sure […]