Stunning Mobile Home Makeover with A Large Screen Porch and Front Deck 

This mobile home is a gem. It blends practicality with style, making it a top pick for anyone. Its best feature? The amazing outdoor living spaces. Let’s dive in!



The outside looks great. Light-colored siding with green trim is lovely. The screened porch is perfect for relaxing without bugs. White wooden beams and ceiling fans add a rustic feel and keep things cool.


The back porch is big and useful. An entry ramp makes it accessible for everyone. This is practical and adds interest. Greenery around the home adds a calm vibe.


The front steps lead to the entrance. White railings and a small deck are great for morning coffee or evening relaxation. The latticework under the deck looks classic and offers storage space.

Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Screened Porch
Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Screened-Porch Interior

The long porch at the front is screened in. Enjoy the outdoors in comfort. There’s plenty of space for seats or a small dining area. Plants around the porch add to the natural feel.


The side view shows neat landscaping. Light siding and green trim continue around the home. Small shrubs and decorative elements add charm and curb appeal.

Living Room

Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Living Room

The living room is cozy and functional. Its open layout feels big and welcoming. Light-colored walls and ceilings make it bright and airy, perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

The stone fireplace is the focal point. It adds rustic charm and warmth on chilly evenings. The mantel above the fireplace is perfect for decorative items.

Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Living-Room stone fireplace

The furniture is practical and inviting. The large, comfy sofa offers lots of seating. Throw pillows add color and comfort. The rocking chair with its red cushion is great for reading or unwinding.

The room has a ceiling fan to keep it cool. French doors at the back lead to the screened porch, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. This feature lets in fresh air and natural light.

Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Living-Room Furniture

The light wood laminate floor adds warmth and matches the neutral color scheme. With its simple yet elegant design, the area rug anchors the seating area and adds coziness.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen and dining area are charming and practical. The open design makes cooking and dining flow together. It’s perfect for family meals and entertaining.


The kitchen has warm wooden cabinets that add rustic charm. The dark countertops provide a nice contrast and plenty of workspace. The glass-front cabinets are great for displaying dishes or glassware. The large sink under the window lets in natural light, making the kitchen bright and inviting.

Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Kitchen Design

The appliances are modern and functional. The black stove and microwave blend well with the overall color scheme. Plenty of storage space in the cabinets and drawers keeps the kitchen clutter-free.

The dining area is cozy and welcoming. The round table with its simple tablecloth is ideal for meals. The white, ornate chairs add a touch of elegance and complement the light, airy feel of the room. The large windows let in lots of natural light, making this a cheerful spot for breakfast or dinner.


The wallpaper has a subtle, charming pattern that adds character without overwhelming the space. The small desk and chair in the corner are perfect for a home office or a place for kids to do homework.

A ceiling fan in the dining area helps keep the space cool and comfortable. The light-colored laminate flooring ties the whole space together, adding warmth and continuity between the kitchen and dining areas.



This bedroom is simple and inviting. The light-colored walls and ceiling make it bright and airy. A ceiling fan keeps the room cool and adds charm.

The large windows let in lots of natural light, making the room feel bigger. The light wood laminate flooring adds warmth and ties the room together. The soft, neutral tones create a calm atmosphere.

The bed has sea-themed bedding, adding color and personality. The shell pattern on the comforter brings a touch of the beach indoors. It’s a cozy spot for sleep or a lazy afternoon nap.

A small side table sits next to the bed, perfect for a lamp or your favorite book. The lamp’s delicate design adds elegance to the room.

On the wall, a simple piece of art adds character without overwhelming the space. The wooden frame matches the natural tones of the room.

You can see a hint of another room through the open door, suggesting a well-designed home layout. The clean lines and uncluttered space make it easy to personalize this room to fit your style.



This bathroom is stylish and practical. The large mirror above the sink makes the room feel bigger and brighter. The wooden frame around the mirror adds warmth, matching the wood of the cabinets below.


The sink area has plenty of counter space for all your essentials. The marble-like countertop adds elegance. The cabinets below offer lots of storage, keeping everything neat.

Stunning-Mobile-Home-Makeover-Bathroom Corner Tub

The corner tub is a standout feature. It’s perfect for soaking and relaxing after a long day. The octagonal windows add unique character and let in natural light while maintaining privacy. The skylight above the tub enhances the airy feel.

The simple artwork on the wall adds personality without overwhelming the space. The soft, neutral colors of the walls and floor create a calm atmosphere.

A small wooden cabinet on the wall is perfect for storing toiletries or extra towels. The layout is well thought out, maximizing function and style in a compact space.


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