1986 Mobile Home Remodel Ideas

This classic 1986 mobile home has had a fantastic makeover. Picture this: a home that keeps its cozy charm but gets a fresh, modern twist. That’s exactly what’s happened here. From the roof to the floors, every bit has been thought about. It’s not just about looking good, though that’s a big part of it. It’s about making things work better too. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and standing strong against storms – it’s all been taken care of. And the best part? It feels like a brand new home without losing what made it special in the first place.

Roof Design

1986 Mobile Home Roof

Think about a roof that can take on hail, heavy snow, and scorching sun and still last for decades. That’s the steel roof for you. It’s like a shield for your home, tough against all kinds of weather. Plus, it’s pretty smart too. On a hot day, it bounces back the sun’s rays, so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard. Your wallet will feel the difference with those lower energy bills. And it looks sharp as well. The dark color up top makes the lighter walls pop. It’s like your mobile home has a stylish, convenient hat.

Exterior Siding


Now, let’s wrap your home in something that’s not just good-looking but also keeps the cold out and the warmth in. Insulated vinyl siding is like a cozy blanket for your walls. It’s a breeze to take care of; it looks clean and fresh with hardly any work. You won’t be repainting it – ever. And it’s like having an extra layer of insulation all around your home, which is excellent for keeping your heating and cooling costs down. The color you pick can transform your place, too. Go with a light gray, and you’ve got a home that fits right into a leafy street or a sunny spot by the lake. It’s all about choosing the right shade to make your mobile home shine.

Sunroom Addition

Sunroom Addition

Adding a sunroom is like giving your home a big hug. With its natural warmth, the wooden ceiling makes you feel like you’re in a cozy cabin in the woods. Down below, the floor color sets the mood. Go dark, and it’s all about cozy movie nights.


Pick something light, and your sunroom feels like a sunny beach house. The screened walls let in light and let you gaze at the sky and trees. And with comfy chairs and easy-open doors, it’s a breeze to go from sipping lemonade in your sunroom to laughing with friends in the living room.



This 1986 mobile home boasts a stunning multi-tier deck that effortlessly joins with the house. It’s not just a deck; it’s a smart use of outdoor space. Picture this: a deck that steps down in layers, each designed for a different slice of life. You’ve got a cozy spot for your morning coffee and a roomy area for dinners under the stars.

1986-Mobile-Home-Deck Design

The deck is built with top-notch wood that stands up to the weather and looks great doing it. It’s got that timeless feel, with a warm touch that goes perfectly with the home’s crisp white. And it’s not just about looks—this wood will last.

1986-Mobile-Home-Deck Furniture

For furniture, think comfort meets style. There’s a spot for everyone, whether you want to tuck into a meal or sink into a sofa. Cushions in soft, earthy tones invite you to sit and stay awhile, keeping the spotlight on the natural beauty of the wood and the greenery around.

Window Upgrades

1986-Mobile-Home-Window Upgrades

Upgrading to double-paned windows is a game-changer for insulation. These windows have two sheets of glass instead of one, trapping air between them. This trapped air acts as a barrier, keeping the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer. Your home stays comfortable year-round, and you save on energy bills – it’s a win-win. Plus, your home gets a neat, pulled-together look when all your windows match in style. It’s like giving your home a set of matching accessories that also help you save energy. And let’s not forget the natural light. Brightening up your rooms with sunshine makes everything look more inviting and can even lift your spirits.

Steps and Entryway

1986-Mobile-Home Steps and Entryway

Concrete steps are more than just sturdy. They add a sleek, clean look to your entryway, and they’re built to last. Whether you’re hauling groceries or welcoming guests, these steps can handle it all.

1986 Mobile Home Remodel Ideas

Choosing the right color can tie the steps into your home’s overall look, creating a smooth transition from outside to inside. Picture stepping onto cool, solid steps that perfectly match your home’s style, leading you inside after a day’s work. It feels good, right? It’s that thoughtful touch that makes coming home special.

Garden and Landscaping

Garden and Landscaping

A smart garden layout does wonders for your home’s first impression. It’s like a frame for a picture but for your house. Curvy paths and round flower beds soften the edges of your mobile home and make the whole yard flow. It’s all about choosing the right spots for your plants to guide your eyes to your door. And when your entrance looks inviting, it’s like your home always says, “Glad you’re here!”

Living Room

1986-Mobile-Home-Living Room

The living room flows into the dining area and kitchen, connecting everything. It’s great when you have friends over – you can chat with them while tossing a salad or setting out snacks. The white ceiling and walls make the whole place feel bigger and brighter, like a blank canvas you can fill with your favorite things. Then there’s the floor – laminate, or vinyl is the way to go. It stands up to foot traffic and spills with no sweat. And it looks sharp.

1986-Mobile-Home-Living-Room Design

Now, the furniture? Think clean lines and cool vibes, like something out of an old-school movie with a twist for today. The lamps and ceiling lights are the finishing touches, casting just the right glow for reading, relaxing, or whatever’s on your agenda.

Kitchen Remodel


In the kitchen, the ceiling and lights make you feel like you’ve got room to breathe, even when you’re whipping up a big meal. And that backsplash? It’s not just there to handle splatters. It’s a standout piece that draws the eye and ties the whole room together.

1986-Mobile-Home-Kitchen Cabinets

Open shelves are handy, keeping plates and glasses within reach and part of the décor. The countertops and cabinets set the mood.

1986-Mobile-Home-Kitchen-Island with Posts

Go for dark tones for a touch of drama, or keep it light for a fresh, clean look. And those shiny new appliances aren’t just for looks – they’re workhorses that make cooking fun and easy.

Dining Room Features

1986-Mobile-Home Dining Room

The dining room’s charm is all in the details. Above, the wooden ceiling beams add a splash of rustic charm, like a cozy mountain lodge. Then, the wallpaper is bold and full of life, making the whole room pop. It’s like a piece of modern art that covers a whole wall. The windows are dressed just right to let the sunshine pour in, lighting up the place naturally. For the furniture, think sleek chairs and a table that throw in a dash of cool, modern style against the room’s classic vibe. And let’s not forget those little touches – shelves and cabinets that keep your things tucked away and the room looking neat.

Bedroom Comforts


In the bedroom, that warm, wood-planked ceiling continues, tying the whole home together. The walls have a bit of texture, giving the room a splash of contemporary style without going overboard. The barn door slides smoothly to save space and add a trendy farmhouse touch. On the floor, you’ve got the same sturdy and stylish surface as the rest of the house. The window dressings and furniture keep things simple and chic. And for decor? Less is more. A few carefully chosen pieces mean no clutter and lots of calm.

Bathroom Enhancements


Step into the bathroom, and you’re met with a wall color that’s deep and rich. It’s a backdrop that makes everything else stand out. The vanity isn’t just for looks; it’s packed with space to stash all your stuff. Up above, the mirror is framed in gold, and the lights are just bright enough to light up the room without being too much. The shower has tiles up to the ceiling, and the fixtures are sleek and modern. Down below, the floor is made of tiles that keep you from slipping and look good. And to make it feel like your own space, a few neat decorations put the finishing touches on the room.

Image credit: Realtor

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