13 Stunning Farmhouse Style Mobile Homes

Farmhouse mobile homes are hitting the sweet spot in home trends. They mix the cozy, rustic feel of a country house with the ease of a mobile home. People love them for their charm and practicality.

Key features of these homes stand out. They often have open layouts, making them feel spacious and airy. Big kitchens are common, perfect for family gatherings or a quiet coffee. Rustic touches like wood beams or barn-style doors add character. And let’s not forget the porches – a hallmark of farmhouse living, inviting you to sit back and relax. These mobile homes blend traditional charm and modern convenience, making them an attractive choice for many. Here’s a list of popular farmhouse mobile home models:

1. The Ingram

Stunning Farmhouse Mobile Homes

This model is all about modern living. It’s designed with sleek, clean lines and open spaces that make it feel big and bright. The Ingram combines the latest trends with cozy touches, creating a stylish and warm home.

2. The Lulamae

Farmhouse Style Mobile Homes

Here’s where classic meets comfort. The Lulamae shines with its country kitchen, which is big enough for family cooking and full of charm. The rest of the home follows suit, with cozy nooks and warm, inviting spaces that make you feel right at home.

3. Country Aire

mobile homes farmhouse style

This model takes you back to the roots of farmhouse style. It’s all about traditional design with a welcoming feel. Think classic porches, wooden accents, and a familiar and comforting layout. Country Aire is perfect for those who love the timeless appeal of farmhouse living.

4. 1434 Carolina “Southern Belle”

1434 Carolina

Elegance is the word for this model. The Southern Belle mixes graceful design with a touch of Southern charm. It’s spacious, with fine details and a layout that speaks of classic hospitality and warmth.

5. The Lulabelle


This model is a beautiful mix of old and new. The Lulabelle takes rustic elements like wood and vintage design and adds a twist of modern style. It’s ideal for those who love the farmhouse look but want a home that fits today’s lifestyle.

6. The Avalyn

The Avalyn

The Avalyn stands out with its contemporary take on farmhouse design. It’s all about blending the old with the new. The home features modern fixtures and finishes while keeping a traditional farmhouse’s cozy, welcoming feel. Perfect for those who love a fresh, updated look with a nod to the past.

7. Santa Fe 684A

Santa Fe 684A

This model brings a unique twist with its Southwestern fusion. The Santa Fe 684A combines the Southwestern style’s earthy, rustic elements with classic farmhouse architecture. It’s a home that feels both adventurous and comforting, ideal for those who appreciate a blend of cultures.

8. Freedom Farm House 32X60

Freedom Farm House

If space is what you’re after, the Freedom Farm House 32X60 has it. This model is designed for those who love wide-open spaces and a sense of freedom. With ample room and classic farmhouse features, it’s a perfect choice for families or anyone who enjoys spacious country living.

9. Farmhouse Flex

Farmhouse Flex

Versatility is the key to the Farmhouse Flex. This model is designed to adapt to your changing needs. The Farmhouse Flex can accommodate you if you need more space for a growing family or a home office. It’s a smart choice for those who want a home that grows and changes with them.

10. 1442 Carolina Southern Comfort

Carolina Southern Comfort

This model is the embodiment of Southern hospitality. The 1442 Carolina Southern Comfort creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere that’s immediately inviting. Its comfortable layout and charming design make it like a warm Southern hug, making it ideal for those who value comfort and a friendly ambiance.

11. 1439 Carolina “Magnolia”


The Magnolia model is a classic beauty. It’s spacious, perfect for families or anyone needing extra room. Inside, you’ll find a blend of timeless design and modern comfort. The Magnolia is known for its large living areas and bedrooms, providing plenty of space to relax and unwind. It’s like stepping into a home that’s both familiar and fresh.

12. 1714 Heritage

1714 Heritage

This model is a delightful mix of history and modernity. The 1714 Heritage pairs the charm of old-world farmhouses with today’s conveniences. Imagine a home where historical elegance meets modern living. It’s designed for those who love the character of older homes but don’t want to give up modern comforts.

13. 1440 Carolina 4BR Belle

1440 Carolina 4BR Belle

Need more space? The 1440 Carolina 4BR Belle has you covered. This four-bedroom model is ideal for larger families or those who love having extra room. It’s spacious, with a layout that ensures everyone has their own space while still connected. This model blends cozy living and practical design, making it an excellent choice for family living.

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