What Is A Triple Wide Mobile Home

You’ve heard of mobile homes, and maybe even doublewides, but have you ventured into the world of triple-wide mobile homes? Take a step into a dwelling that blends spacious comfort with the unique allure of mobile living. These aren’t just oversized trailers – they’re full-blown homes, offering more room and endless potential for customization. Their appeal is on the rise, and for good reason! As you dip your toes into this fascinating world, get ready to rethink what you know about mobile homes. Let’s dive into the expanse of the triple-wide mobile home and discover its magic.

What Is A Triple Wide Mobile Home

Characteristics of Triple Wide Mobile Homes



Length (ft)

Width (ft)

Square Footage





1,700 - 2,000





2,000 - 2,500





2,500 - 3,000





3,000 +

A triple-wide mobile home is a prefab home typically split into three sections before it’s assembled on-site. Picture a typical home, then think of it divided into three separate parts – that’s your triple wide!

  • Size and dimension

Now, how big are we talking? Most triple wides range from about 1,700 to over 3,000 square feet. That’s almost the same as your typical brick-and-mortar house, if not larger. And unlike the single or double-wide cousins, a triple-wide mobile home offers a broad range of floor plans that can closely mimic the feel of a conventional home.

  • Common layouts

Moving on to the fun part – the layout. Most triple-wide mobile homes boast three to five bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a living room, and often some bonus space. That could be a den, home office, playroom, you name it! Plus, you get the perk of designing your own layout. Want an open-plan living area or a kitchen with an island? You got it.

  • Installation 

But what about construction and installation? This isn’t just a case of ‘plug and play.’ The process involves meticulous planning and expert engineering. The manufacturer will build three sections of your home in a factory, then transport it to your site. Once there, they’re connected and fastened together to make one cohesive unit. Plumbing and electrical are hooked up, and voila – your triple-wide mobile home is ready to be lived in!

These aren’t just homes on wheels. They’re a lifestyle choice about comfort, flexibility, and a touch of adventure. 

Benefits of Triple Wide Mobile Homes

Triple Wide Mobile Homes

Let’s get into the good stuff – the perks of triple-wide mobile homes. Trust me. They have a lot going for them!

  • Space and comfort

First off, we’re talking major room to breathe. Triple wides are like the spacious suburban homes of the mobile world. With more square footage than most traditional mobile homes, these units let you stretch out, entertain, and live in a space that never feels cramped. Imagine lounging in a roomy living area or preparing a feast in a kitchen that doesn’t feel like it’s closing in on you. Sounds nice, right?

  • Affordability

Now, let’s chat about your wallet. Affordability is a big plus here. The savings are clear when you compare the price per square foot of a triple-wide to a traditional site-built home. You’re getting much more bang for your buck without sacrificing the homely feel or square footage. A triple wide might be your perfect match if you’re budget-conscious but still want that roomy, traditional-home feel.

  • Mobility 

What about the freedom factor? While these homes are larger, they still keep the ‘mobile’ in the mobile home. You’re not tied down to a single spot. That gives you the flexibility to move if life calls for it. Now, it’s not a simple case of hitching your home to a truck, and off you go, but with professional help, it’s entirely possible.

  • Customization 

Last but certainly not least, customization! One of the coolest things about triple wides is that you can make your home your own. You get a say in everything from the floor plan to the finishes. It’s a blank canvas waiting for you to add your personal touch.

So, think of triple wides as the transformers of the housing world – spacious, affordable, flexible, and customizable. They truly offer a unique approach to home ownership.

Considerations when Buying a Triple Wide Mobile Home

While triple wides are fabulous, there are some points to ponder before leaping. Let’s discuss those, shall we?

  • Zoning and Legal

Starting with the legal side of things. Not all areas are zoned for mobile homes, including triple wides. Be sure to check with your local government about zoning regulations and restrictions. Also, some sites may require special permits for installation, so you’ll want to get all the details sorted out before making a purchase. Knowledge is power!

  • Land and installation 

Next up, let’s talk money. While triple wides are typically more affordable than traditional homes, there are costs to consider beyond just the home’s price tag. You’ll need a plot of land to place your triple wide on, which can vary significantly in cost depending on location. Preparing the land and installing the home can also add up, so budget for those expenses.

  • Maintenance 

Now, let’s chat about upkeep. While triple wides are designed to be durable, like any home, they need regular maintenance. This can include routine checks and repairs to the roof, plumbing, and electrical systems. And don’t forget about potential costs for skirting, landscaping, and driveway paving to make your new home truly feel like yours.

  • Financing options

Lastly, financing a triple wide might differ from a conventional mortgage. Some lenders may offer loans specifically for mobile homes, while others may not. You’ll want to explore your options, from personal loans to chattel loans, to find the best fit for your financial situation.

So while owning a triple-wide has perks, it’s important to consider these factors before you move. It’s all part of making an informed decision and finding the perfect home for you. 

Steps to Buying a Triple-Wide Mobile Home

Let’s shift gears and delve into the process of making a triple-wide mobile home your very own. Are you ready? Great, let’s hit the road!

1. Research and decide on the best model

Kick things off with research – your new best friend. Dig into different triple-wide models and floor plans. Consider the space you need, your preferred layout, and the features you can’t live without. Check out manufacturers, compare prices, and read reviews. The goal? Find a model that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

2. Secure necessary financing

Next up is financing. You’ve found your dream model – fantastic! Now, how are you going to pay for it? Check out banks, credit unions, and specialized lenders. Compare rates, terms, and eligibility criteria. Don’t be shy to ask questions. The more informed you are, the better decision you’ll make.

3. Purchase land or secure a mobile home lot.

Now, where’s your triple wide going to live? If you own land already, great! If not, it’s time to go hunting. You can also look at mobile home lots in parks or communities. Be sure to check local laws and community rules – you’ll want to ensure triple wides are welcome.

4. Arrange for delivery and installation

Finally, the exciting part – getting your home delivered and installed. Arrange a date with the manufacturer or dealer. They’ll transport the sections of your home to your plot, then assemble them on site. You’ll also need to organize utilities hook-up. Remember, this is a big job, so leave it to the pros!

So there you have it, your road map to buying a triple-wide mobile home. It’s a journey, no doubt, but think of the destination – a home that’s uniquely yours.

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