Spacious 3 Bedrooms Triple Wide Mobile Home – Tahoe Harbor DVT-5802

Triple-wide mobile homes are the giants of manufactured housing. Think of them as the spacious cousins to single and double-wides. These homes offer room to stretch out, and the Tahoe Harbor DVT-5802 is no exception. Built by Deer Valley Homebuilders, this model packs three cozy bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Let’s dive into the Tahoe Harbor floor plan.

Floor Plan

Spacious 3 Bedrooms Triple Wide Mobile Home Floor Plan

It’s a giant among homes, stretching 58 feet long and 45 feet wide. Inside, you’ll find a roomy 1920 square feet of living space. It’s laid out smartly, too.

3 Bedrooms Triple Wide Mobile Home Layout

The living room is big enough for any family movie night. Bedrooms are tucked away for privacy, with the master suite giving you a quiet spot to unwind. The kitchen? It’s a dream, with enough room to dance around while your spaghetti simmers. Each room flows into the next, so hosting friends and family is a breeze. This isn’t just a house; it’s a home ready for memories.

Living Room

3-Bedrooms-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living-Room Design

The living room in this home is the heart where family moments bloom. It’s big and airy, making it perfect for everyone to come together. Picture this: you’re lounging on the sofa, light streaming in from the windows, and the smell of dinner wafts from the open kitchen nearby.

3-Bedrooms-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living-Room Area

Chatting with someone, grabbing a snack, or setting the table for dinner is easy. And when it’s movie time, there’s loads of wall space to set up the biggest TV you like.

Master Bedroom


Moving to the main bedroom, it’s your slice of peace, tucked away at one end of the house. Step inside, and there’s a walk-in closet ready to hold all your clothes and some. The bathroom? It’s like your personal spa. Two sinks mean no waiting around to brush your teeth, and there’s a big tub just waiting for you to sink in and relax. Plus, a separate shower keeps mornings hassle-free. It’s like every day you wake up to a bit of luxury.



In this kitchen, you’ve got the perfect setup for whipping up a feast and chatting with guests at the same time. The open design means passing plates straight to the dining table and always taking advantage of the conversation. The island in the middle? It’s not just for chopping veggies. Pull up a few stools, and it’s the new breakfast spot or a place for friends to sit and sip a drink while you cook.

3-Bedrooms-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Kitchen Design

Counters stretch out with room for all your gadgets and meal prep, and cabinets are there to tuck everything away. And when it comes to cleaning up, the dishwasher is the unsung hero that makes it a breeze.

Dining Area

3-Bedrooms-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Dining Area

Right next to it, the dining area is ready to host your dinner parties and family meals. There’s space for a big table where everyone can gather around. It’s all open, light, and airy, setting the stage for many memorable evenings and cozy breakfasts. This spot is for laughter, good food, and stories that linger long after dessert.

Additional Bedrooms

3-Bedrooms-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Additional Bedrooms

These additional bedrooms are like cozy hideaways, set on the home’s far side for a touch of quiet. They’re perfect for kids, guests, or even a home office. Each room has its closet, so there’s plenty of space to stash clothes, toys, or files. And what’s handy is they share a full bathroom. It means no long waits for a morning shower or a place to freshen up.



Speaking of bathrooms, they’re set up for comfort. The one guests and the folks in these bedrooms use is just as welcoming as the master bath. Both have full tubs and showers, ready for a quick rinse or a long soak.

3-Bedrooms-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Master Bathroom

Whether it’s bath time for the little ones or prepping for guests, these bathrooms do the job with ease and a dash of style.

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