Step Inside This Spacious and Efficient Triple Wide Mobile Home Design – The Custom Villa B367CT

The triple wide mobile home, model B367CT by Skyline Homes, is a standout option for families looking for both room to grow and efficient living. This home blends spacious interiors with smart design, making every square foot count. It’s perfect for anyone who needs room to live comfortably without sacrificing style or modern needs.

Floor Plan

 Spacious and Efficient Triple Wide Mobile Home

This floor plan uses space well to fit the needs of modern living and feels cozy and practical.

The master bedroom is at the bottom of the layout. It’s big and has two closets near the bathroom. This setup makes it private and handy. The bathroom has a shower and a tub, making it a great relaxing spot.

There are three more bedrooms, each ready for ceiling fans, which helps keep the rooms cool. These rooms are good for kids, guests, or a home office.

The living area is the heart of the home. It’s roomy and has spots ready for a ceiling fan and a fireplace. This makes the room comfy and a nice place to hang out or have family time.

The kitchen is next to the living room. It has modern tools like a dishwasher and microwave and plenty of space for cooking. The dining area, called ‘Morning,’ seems perfect for quick meals and has lots of light, making it a nice spot for morning coffee.

There’s also a utility room for laundry and extra storage. It’s close to the kitchen, which makes doing chores easier.

The plan includes two dormers that add to the home’s look and bring in more light. This not only makes the home brighter but can also help save on lighting during the day.

This model is great for families looking for a spacious and efficient home. Every part of the home is designed to be useful and welcoming.


Spacious-and-Efficient-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home- Exterio

This triple-wide mobile home exterior has many great features that make it a good choice for a home.

The big porch that wraps around the front is the first thing you see. It has white railings that look nice and make it safe. Several doors lead into the house from the porch, making getting in and out easy.

The home’s color is a soft gray. This color is good because it matches well with different settings and helps the house blend in with its surroundings. The big windows let in a lot of natural light and give you nice views of the area around the house.


The roof has a slight slope. This helps rainwater run off easily and makes the house look like a traditional home. There might be skylights or vents on the roof, which help let in more light and air.

Some steps go up to the porch. This is not just practical but also adds to the home’s look. The house’s base is well-covered, which protects it from weather and makes it more stable.

Living Room

Spacious-and-Efficient-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home Living Room

This living room is spacious and modern. It’s designed to be the heart of the home where you can relax and entertain.

The design and layout flow openly into the kitchen and dining areas. This open plan is great for family time and entertaining guests. It makes the space feel bigger and lets everyone be together, whether cooking, eating, or lounging.


There are big windows with blinds that let in lots of light and fresh air. This keeps the room bright during the day and helps save on electricity.

The room has a high ceiling with visible beams, adding a cool architectural touch and making it feel even more open. Modern ceiling fans keep the room comfortable by moving air around.


The stone fireplace is a key feature here. It looks great and keeps the room warm on cold days. There’s also space above it to display your favorite art or photos.

Spacious-and-Efficient-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living-Room-stone fireplace

The furniture setup is cozy, with comfy chairs and sofas, which are perfect for relaxing or chatting. The room sticks to neutral colors, so adding your style is easy. There’s also a colorful rug that adds a pop of color and pattern to the space.


Spacious-and-Efficient-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home Kitchen

This kitchen is smart and stylish, perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking and socializing.

The big island in the middle of the kitchen isn’t just for prepping food; it’s also a spot to grab a quick bite or chat. The kitchen opens up to the living and dining areas, making talking and sharing moments easy.


You’ll find lots of white cabinets here. They keep the kitchen neat and bright and hold all your cooking gear. This way, the countertops stay clear and ready for whatever you’re whipping up.

This kitchen has modern appliances like a double oven, a gas stove, and a large fridge. They’re perfect for any meal, whether it’s a big party or a simple dinner. Plus, they save energy, which is great for your bills.


There’s a gray marble-pattern backsplash that adds a touch of class. The floors have a similar look. Above the island, pendant lights brighten your work area and add style to the space.

The sink is right under a big window, so you can enjoy the view while washing dishes. The countertops are durable and have a marble-like finish, boosting the kitchen’s elegant look.

Dining Room

Spacious-and-Efficient-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home Dining Room

This dining room is neat and welcoming. It’s designed to make mealtime relaxing and enjoyable.

The room has a simple setup that makes it easy to move around. The big wooden table is perfect for meals and matches the modern light above well. This light isn’t just practical; it also looks great and fits the contemporary vibe of the room.

The floors are gray, which looks good with the light walls. This color scheme keeps the room looking bright and open. The light walls also help to bounce around the natural light that comes in through the windows.


There’s a wooden ladder with a blue throw draped over it, which adds a cozy feel. The walls have some art too, like a painting of the sea and a colorful abstract piece. These touches make the space more lively and personal.

Lastly, the room isn’t just about looks; it’s also laid out well for everyday use. There’s plenty of light, and everything is set up so it’s easy to use, whether just having dinner or hosting a party.


Spacious-and-Efficient-Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home Bathroom

This bathroom is thoughtfully designed, blending style and practicality beautifully.

It’s roomy, with a big double vanity that makes getting ready in the morning easy. There’s plenty of room to move around, whether you’re rushing to start the day or winding down at night.


The white double vanity is not just stylish; it has lots of storage for all your toiletries. Each sink has a big mirror above it, making the space bright and ideal for sharing.

There’s a sleek walk-in shower with a clear glass side that makes the bathroom look even bigger. The separate tub is perfect for a relaxing soak after a long day, adding a touch of luxury.


The color scheme is classic gray and white, giving the room a fresh, timeless feel. The tile backsplash adds some flair without being too much, and little touches like plants and decorative mirrors make the space inviting.

The lighting is just right, with lights over the mirrors and more around the room to keep everything bright. Modern fixtures, like faucets and showerheads, add to the bathroom’s contemporary look.


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