Elegant Triple Wide Mobile Home – The Silver Springs Elite 6400

The Silver Springs Elite 6400

The Silver Springs Elite 6400 is not your average mobile home. Made by Skyline Homes, this triple-wide model is a standout with its roomy layout and up-to-date features. Picture this: a total of 2,162 square feet of living space. That’s as big as many houses! It’s smartly designed with two bedrooms and two baths. Plus, the master suite is tucked away from the other bedrooms. This means you get your peaceful spot in the home. It’s perfect for families who need their space or anyone who loves to host guests.

Floor Plan

Triple Wide Mobile Home Floor Plan

The floor plan of this triple-wide mobile home showcases a well-thought-out design, balancing communal areas with private spaces.

Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-living spaces

The communal living spaces are designed with an open concept, encouraging a free flow between the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Bedrooms are situated away from the active living areas, with the main bedroom enjoying separation from the secondary bedroom for added privacy.

Living Room

Living Room Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home Silver Springs Elite 6400

Picture a roomy spot where the whole family can chill and catch up. That’s this living room. It’s big, cozy, and right next to the kitchen. So, you can chat with someone, grab a snack, or just hang out together. It’s perfect for those movie nights or when friends drop by.


Now, think about a kitchen with loads of room to move around. You have a special spot for your food and microwave, so the counters have no clutter. This kitchen is all about making cooking easy. You can whip up a meal without bumping into anyone. And it’s a breeze to clean up after.

Dining Area

Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Silver-Springs-Elite-6400-Dining Are

Here’s where everyone comes together, right by the kitchen. The dining area’s just the size to fit everyone without feeling cramped. It’s the heart of meal times- a quick breakfast or a sit-down dinner with the whole crew. Plus, it’s a great spot for those game nights or homework sessions.

Main Bedroom

Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Silver-Springs-Elite-6400-Main Bedroom

You step into the master bedroom, and it’s like your own peaceful spot away from the world. It’s big, giving you room to stretch out. Plus, you have your bathroom right there—no waiting for your turn. The barn door is a smart touch. It looks fantastic and slides out of the way, giving you more space to use.

Second Bedroom

Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Silver-Springs-Elite-6400-Second Bedroom

The second bedroom is more than just a sleep spot. It’s roomy for either family or friends staying over. It’s close to the action but still a quiet corner for a good night’s sleep.



The den? It’s this flexible space that can be pretty much anything you need. A spot for work, a place for the kids to study, or where you watch your favorite shows. And hey, it even opens up to a porch. So you can step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and relax.


Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home Master Bathroom

The bathrooms in the Silver Springs Elite 6400 are designed with both style and function in mind. The master bath, part of the suite, is like having a spa at home. It’s got a big tub for soaking after a long day, and there’s also a shower. You’ll find plenty of room for towels and toiletries, so no more clutter.


The second bathroom is easy to get to from anywhere in the house, making it great for guests or the morning rush. It’s full-sized, so no one feels cramped. These bathrooms have the same modern touch as the rest of the home, making getting ready in the morning or winding down at night a little more special.

Laundry Room

Triple-Wide-Mobile-Home-Laundry Room

Lastly, the laundry room is all about making life easier. It’s just steps from the dining area. Pop in a load of laundry and go back to eating or chilling. And because it’s by the back door, you can sneak in muddy sports gear without tracking dirt all over the house.

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