Typical Sizes of Single Wide Mobile Homes

What’s a single-wide mobile home, you ask? It’s a prefabricated house that’s just as it sounds – built to be wide as a single room, spanning the home’s length. They’re easily transportable, designed to hit the road quickly, yet cozy enough to call home. But what are the typical sizes of single-wide homes? Let’s dive in!

Typical Sizes of Single Wide Mobile Homes

Single Wide Dimensions 

First, single-wide mobile homes come in various sizes to suit different needs and preferences. A standard single-wide mobile home spans about a width of 12-18 feet and a length of 40-80 feet, a snug space ranging from 500 to a generous 1,300 square feet. Even at the most compact size — a cute 14 feet in width and 40 feet in length — there’s still a wealth of opportunities to craft your space uniquely.

Now, there’s a delightful range in size to play around with. While the narrowest width is 12 feet, a more expansive option stretches to 18 feet, giving you that extra breadth to breathe and decorate. In terms of length, oh boy, do you have options! Starting from a cozy 40 feet, it can extend up to a spacious 80 feet. Yes, you can opt for a home that grants you space, functionality, and the ultimate canvas to project your dream designs.

And then, let’s not overlook the vertical dimension! Traditionally, the ceiling height hangs around 7 to 8 feet, but who’s stopping you from reaching for the stars with a higher roof to give that open, airy feel?

Comparing Single Wide with Other Mobile Homes

Now that we’ve got the lay of the land let’s see how single-wide stacks up against other mobile home options.

Double-wide mobile homes, for instance, double down on space, reaching 36 feet wide and offering a living area exceeding 2,500 square feet. Basically, it’s the big sibling in the mobile home family, offering more room to stretch those legs.

Then there are triple-wide homes, the giants of the mobile home universe, offering an expansive palace with varied widths and lengths that can satisfy even the most space-hungry homeowners.

But here’s the golden nugget — single-wide homes bring an undeniably unique charm. Cozy, manageable, and with a personality that punches well above its square footage, a single-wide home holds its ground firmly in the mobile home family, offering a sweet spot of affordability, comfort, and style.

Single Wide Interior Layout 

Single Wide Interior Layout 

Are you wondering about the inside scoop on single-wide mobile homes? How is space carved out, and what does it feel like to be inside one? Let’s jump right in.

Living Room

Interior Layout Single Wide

Let’s step into the heart of your home: the living room. Picture a space around 11×13 feet, offering a solid 143 square feet of prime real estate for your comfort and entertainment needs. This space is your canvas for arranging seating to foster conversation and togetherness. Imagine the cozy movie nights with popcorn and the heartwarming family gatherings — this is where memories are made.


Single-Wide-Bedroom Design

Next stop, the sanctuary of rest — the bedroom. A master bedroom in a single-wide mobile home generously grants you a space of around 11×15 feet, translating to 165 square feet of your haven. There’s ample room for a king-sized bed and additional furniture to match.

Kids or guest bedrooms tend to be slightly cozier, hovering around 9×9 feet, which means a comfortable 81 square feet of space to play with. It’s snug yet offers enough room to foster those sweet dreams every night.


Single-Wide-Kitchen Design

Now, shall we venture into the culinary heartland of the home? In the kitchen, you typically look at a footprint of about 8×10 feet, giving you a solid 80 square feet of space to whip up those delightful meals. The layout often features a practical L-shape or a galley style, ensuring everything is within arm’s reach. It’s all about functionality, meeting style, and offering a space where culinary magic happens daily.


Single Wide Bathrooms

Finally, let’s talk about where you start and end your day – the bathroom. Single-wide mobile homes often feature bathrooms in the range of 7×8 feet, equating to 56 square feet of space. That’s roomy enough to house all your essentials comfortably.

But wait, there’s more! Some floor plans offer the luxury of an en-suite, bringing spa vibes into your master bedroom. This private sanctuary could range from a compact 5×8 feet to a more expansive 8×10 feet, offering a realm of relaxation with all the necessary amenities.

Design Tips

Single Wide Design Tips

Let’s dive into the creative part: making the most of your space with smart design! First on the agenda is color schemes. Opt for lighter hues; they open the space, bringing fresh air. Mirrors work wonders, too, creating a delightful illusion of space.

Next up, multifunctional spaces. Think of a dining area that doubles as a workspace during the day. It’s about embracing versatility and allowing your home to evolve with your daily needs.

And don’t forget the vertical space. Shelves that reach upwards draw the eye high, giving the room a grander feel. So go on, give those walls a job to do!

Furniture Choices

Single Wide Furniture Choices

Now, when it comes to furniture, the magic word is “multifunctional.” Picture a bed with drawers underneath for that extra storage space or a coffee table that offers more than just a spot for your morning brew, maybe a secret storage nook?

Also, consider furniture with legs showing; it gives a lighter, airier feel compared to bulky pieces that sit directly on the floor. And remember, every inch counts in a single-wide mobile home, so choose pieces that earn their keep!

Storage Solutions

Single-Wide-Storage Solutions

Lastly, let’s tackle storage — the key to an uncluttered home. Think outside the box; under the bed, over the doors, and even the corners can be clever spots to store your belongings.

A golden tip? Rotating items seasonally. This way, you’re not overcrowded with winter coats in the summer or beach gear in the winter.

And here’s a little secret: furniture that doubles as storage. Yes, your new best friends will become ottomans, benches with under-seat storage, and beds with drawers.

Essentially, it’s all about balance, creating a home where every item has its place, resulting in a harmonious space that breathes joy and tranquility into your daily life.



So, you’re thinking bigger and dreaming of a bit more space? You’re lucky because add-ons are here to revolutionize your single-wide mobile home living. Picture a sunroom where light floods in, giving you a warm spot to enjoy your morning read. Or envision a mudroom, a practical addition that offers a place to ditch the dirty boots and raincoats before entering your cozy abode.

Yes, add-ons are like giving your home a little extra elbow room, allowing for those delightful nooks and crannies that add a personal touch to your space.

Outdoor Spaces

Single Wide Outdoor Spaces

But why stop at the interior? Let’s step outside and play with the idea of expanding your outdoor living spaces. Imagine a deck that extends your living room, offering a breezy spot for summertime barbecues.

Or how about a charming patio with a fire pit, ready to host those starry-night gatherings with friends and family? The endless options open a world of possibilities in your backyard.


Now that we’ve unraveled the story of single-wide mobile homes, isn’t it fascinating how size weaves into every part of their tale? From an average width of 14 to 18 feet and a length spanning 40 to 80 feet, single wides serve up space with simplicity. 

The real charm lies in the fact that whether you crave a minimalist haven or a spacious retreat, a single-wide mobile home fits the bill. So, when you’re ready to step into the world of mobile living, remember the golden rule – size matters, but how you use it makes your house a home.

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