Stunning Double Wide Mobile Home with Covered Porch – The Sunwood F569CTB

The Sunwood F569CTB is a great double-wide mobile home that blends practicality with a modern design. Its covered porch boosts the home’s look and adds to its functionality, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants a stylish yet practical living space. Let’s dive in!

Floor Plan


This mobile home is spacious, stretching 56 feet long and 26 feet 4 inches wide. Its floor plan is smartly designed to make the most of every inch, ensuring comfortable living for the whole family.

The master bedroom is a roomy retreat at 13 feet 4 inches by 12 feet 4 inches, featuring a large walk-in closet and a luxurious en suite bathroom. This bathroom has a soaking tub and a separate shower, turning it into your private spa.

Next to the master bedroom, you’ll find two additional bedrooms that offer flexible space for family or guests. Bedroom #3 is 11 feet 8 inches by 12 feet 4 inches and includes a walk-in closet. Bedroom #2 is 10 feet 4 inches by 12 feet 4 inches, perfect for kids or as a guest room.

The heart of the home is the combined kitchen and living areas. The kitchen boasts the latest appliances and a handy pantry for extra storage. Its central location makes cooking and serving meals easy, whether dining in the kitchen area or the spacious living room, which is 19 feet 4 inches by 12 feet 10 inches. This setup enhances the flow and conversation across these common areas.

The utility room, positioned right off the kitchen, offers practical solutions for daily tasks like laundry, keeping these chores centralized and away from the main living spaces.

The covered porch is not just a beautiful feature of the Sunwood F569CTB; it’s also very functional. It provides a sheltered spot to enjoy the outdoors in any weather, perfect for relaxing or entertaining. The porch adds a welcoming touch to the home, inviting you to sit and enjoy the view.


This double-wide mobile home stands out with its bright blue siding and sharp white trim. This fresh, modern look makes the home pop and highlights its design features, ensuring it shines in any neighborhood. Plus, it’s built with durable materials, so it’s stylish, long-lasting, and tough against the weather.


This home also has a peaked roof, which is excellent for two reasons. First, it makes the house look nicer from the outside. Second, it’s practical because it helps with rainwater drainage and provides extra space up top for storage or insulation. The home is designed to let in lots of natural light through well-placed windows, making the inside feel bright and welcoming. There’s also sturdy white skirting around the bottom of the home that not only looks good but keeps out pests and protects against the weather, helping the home stay in great shape with less effort.

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-Porch Design

A convenient feature of this home is its side entrance. It leads directly to utility areas like the laundry and storage rooms. This makes it easy to come in with groceries or other big items without disturbing the main living space. It’s beneficial when it’s raining or when keeping the house clean and organized is key.

Living Room

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living Room

Inside, the living room is all about comfort and style. It boasts a plush, deep blue sofa that makes you want to relax immediately. Stylish lampstands sit on either side, casting a warm glow that makes the room feel extra cozy. Like a framed Eiffel Tower print and other artworks, the decor adds a touch of sophistication and shows off a well-traveled, cultured vibe.

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living Room

The room also includes a ceiling fan to help keep the air moving, making it comfy no matter the season. This is great alongside the home’s central heating and cooling, helping to keep energy use down while maintaining comfort.


Plus, the living room’s open-plan design flows right into the kitchen. This setup is perfect for chatting with family or entertaining guests, as it lets someone in the kitchen stay part of the conversation in the living room, making the home feel more connected and social.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen is a perfect blend of modern efficiency and style. It features extensive white cabinetry that provides plenty of storage for all your cooking needs. Everything is designed to be organized and easy to reach, which enhances your cooking experience.


The top-notch appliances have a sleek stainless steel finish that looks good and works great. You’ll find an energy-efficient refrigerator, dishwasher, and range that add elegance to the space.

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-Dining Area

The dining area is right next to the kitchen, smartly placed near a large window. This window lets in lots of natural light, brightening the area all day. There’s a sturdy, stylish table with comfy seating for four, making it a great spot for enjoying meals with family or friends. Its close location to the kitchen makes serving and cleaning up super convenient, ensuring that meal times are both fun and smooth.


A striking blue tile backsplash in the kitchen catches your eye and beautifully contrasts with the light cabinets, adding vibrant color and personality to the room. The floors are covered with high-quality wood laminate that’s attractive, durable, and easy to clean. These thoughtful design elements create a warm, inviting atmosphere, making the home’s kitchen and dining area a true highlight.



The bathroom is both stylish and functional. It features a large vanity with dual sinks under elegantly framed mirrors and built-in lighting—perfect for all your grooming needs. The design maximizes space while ensuring plenty of discreet storage under the sinks to keep countertops clutter-free.

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-Bathroom-walk-in showe

The walk-in shower is all about comfort and ease, with clear glass doors that lend a modern touch to the space. It’s fitted with contemporary stainless steel fixtures, including a rainfall showerhead, for a luxurious shower experience. Handy shelving within the shower makes reaching soaps, shampoos, and other essentials easy.

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-Bathroom Vanity

Like the kitchen, the bathroom sports a vibrant blue tile backsplash against the neutral wall and floor colors, tying together the home’s modern aesthetic. Decorative touches like stylish wall art and soft textiles enhance the bathroom’s serene vibe, making it a perfect personal retreat.


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