A Comfortable and Stylish Double Wide Mobile Home – The Catena

Dive right into the Catena model by Redman Homes. It’s more than just a double-wide mobile home. It’s a space where style meets comfort to create a living experience that feels both lush and cozy.

The Catena stands out with its thoughtful design that maximizes form and function. Every inch exudes warmth, making it the kind of home you want to return to. The sleek, modern style, clean lines, and chic details catch your eye.

Floor Plan

Double Wide Mobile Home The Catena Floor Plan

The Catena model is all about cozy living with a stylish twist. Step into the large living room, measuring 20 feet by 12 feet and 7 inches. It’s just right for snuggling up for movie time or hosting friends. Next to it, the dining area is a sweet spot for your meals, with optional sliding doors that brighten the space and let you enjoy the view.

The kitchen is where the magic happens. It has plenty of counters for cooking and up-to-date appliances that are a snap to use. Plus, a walk-in pantry is perfect for storing all your goodies.

In the master bedroom, you get loads of space—14 feet and 2 inches by 12 feet and 7 inches—and a walk-in closet to keep your clothes neat. The master bath is just as thoughtful, with a built-in smart and stylish shelf.

As you wander down the hall, you notice two more bedrooms, each with its vibe. And with another full bath, there’s no jostling for space in the morning. The utility area tucks the laundry away so you can keep the peace.

This home is designed to feel both open and cozy—a perfect place to make your own.

Living Room


This living room blends today’s comfort with smart design. A soft sectional sofa invites you to kick back and unwind. A neat coffee table is right in front for snacks and casual talks.


Look over to the side, and there’s the entertainment spot. It has a rich, dark wood wall that brings the room together. The TV sits above a colorful electric fireplace, making everything feel snug. Next to the TV, shelves wait for your personal touch—maybe some pictures, favorite books, or keepsakes.

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-The-Catena Living Room

The kitchen’s right there, opening up to where you’re sitting. It has a counter where you can grab a quick snack or chat while you cook. The dark cabinets keep your stuff tucked away, and all the appliances are up-to-date and ready for your recipes.


Above, a fan with lights keeps you cool or warm, just how you like it. Big windows with fun curtains let the sunshine in and give you a peek outside.

This isn’t just any living room. It’s where your home comes to life, filled with laughter and good times.



This double-wide home features a kitchen that’s all about today’s needs and a sharp look. The open space has a big island in the middle that seats three comfortably. It’s great for your morning cup or the kids to do homework.


The granite countertops shine under the ceiling lights. The dark cabinets look great against the lighter backsplash. The appliances, like the microwave and fridge, are stainless steel and built to last.

Check out the little things: the faucet you can pull down over the double sink, the cool range hood, and the dishwasher right where you need it for easy clean-up. This kitchen is ready for any meal, big or small, and does it with style.


The kitchen is warm and works just how you need it. It’s more than a place to cook. It’s where you live your day-to-day, surrounded by the things you love.

Dining Room

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-The-Catena-Dining Room

This dining room is cozy yet open. The big, dark-wood table is the heart of the room, with chairs for your folks and friends to sit and chat. Bright flowers on the table bring a lively color to your daily dining.

The sliding doors let in lots of sunshine and give you a clear path to the yard, bringing the outdoors right to your table. The ceiling light is up-to-date and keeps the room bright at all times.

Fun curtains decorate the windows, making the outdoors part of your dining decor. And there’s a bold, round metal piece on the wall that really makes a statement.

It’s more than just a spot to eat. You’ll swap stories, share laughs, and build lasting memories in this dining room. Meals here are always special.



The bedroom is your snug getaway. Walk on the plush carpet that feels like a soft hug for your feet. The bed, crowned with a queen-sized mattress and a chic gray comforter, is a relaxing haven.

Nightstands with lamps sit by the bed, giving off a soft light perfect for reading or chilling. At the bed’s end, a bench offers a spot to sit and comes with extra storage space — a clever addition to keep things tidy.

The windows are dressed up with fun curtains and classic valances, making the room sunny and welcoming. They let you take in the outdoor scene, all from the comfort of your room.

The lights on the ceiling add a calm vibe, ensuring it’s always a restful place, day or night. The room’s smart design gives you lots of room to move, and the style is simple and refined.

Sleeping here means waking up refreshed and ready to start the day peacefully. This bedroom is more than a spot for a good night’s sleep; it’s your nook for downtime and ease.



The bathroom is all about smooth style and practicality. You’ve got a double vanity with a sparkling white countertop. Below, the dark cabinets have room for all your stuff, hidden but handy.

Double-Wide-Mobile-Home-The-Catena-Bathroom Cabinet

The mirrors above have their lights, making them just right for getting ready each day. They’re simple and stylish and give the room a modern edge.


The shower is like stepping into a mini spa, with its roomy interior and textured tiles. It has a shelf for all your bathing needs, keeping everything neat.

Soft lights from the ceiling make the whole room feel calm and inviting. Every detail, from the tiles to the lighting, is about creating a space that’s not just for routines but also relaxation.


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