Typical Size of Double Wide Mobile Home

Typical Size of Double Wide Mobile Home – A double-wide mobile home is twice the width of a single wide mobile home. The standard size for a double wide mobile home less than 90 feet long (about 27 meters) and more than 20 feet wide (about 6 meters).

Usually double-wide mobile home has more space. Some of the existing area in a double-wide mobile home includes five bedrooms, and three bedrooms are also available in addition to the kitchen, living room, storage room and space for utilities.

Double Wide Mobile Home with Garage

Double wide mobile home is not two single wide mobile home that is combined in a single structure. In most cases, these two very different parts of the content and layout. One side of the double-wide mobile home can include two bathrooms, kitchen, and bedroom. While the other side includes a living room and two bedrooms. Some of the double-wide mobile homes also contained porch on one side.

Double Wide Mobile Home Prices

For new manufactured double wide mobile home ranged from $ 73,600 (excluding land). Regionally, the lowest average price for a double-wide mobile home was $ 83,800 in the West.

The model double-wide mobile home is not the only type of mobile home is an expanded version of the single wide. There is also a triple wide mobile home for people who are looking for even more space. In some cases, even more than the three sections that join together to make a larger mobile home. The types of mobile home that combines three or more parts are much more common than double wide.

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