15 Exterior Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling the exterior of a mobile home is a great way to make it look and feel new again. The outside of your home is the first thing people see. A good remodel can turn heads and make your home a neighborhood standout. It’s not just about looks, though. Updating the exterior can also increase your home’s value and protect it from the weather. So, let’s explore a list of ideas that can transform the look and feel of your mobile home’s exterior.

1. New Paint

Exterior Mobile Home Remodeling New Paint

Giving your mobile home a new coat of paint can work like magic. It’s one of the easiest ways to change its look. When picking colors, think about what goes well with your surroundings. Are there lots of trees around? Maybe earthy tones would look nice. Or, if you’re by the beach, how about some cool blues? Remember, light colors can make your home look bigger, while dark colors create a cozy feel.

Before you start painting, prep the surface. Clean the walls, sand them if needed, and fix any cracks. This makes sure your paint job looks smooth and lasts longer. When painting, use brushes or rollers for big areas and a small brush for corners and edges. Take your time, and watch as your mobile home gets a fresh, new look!

2. Skirting Installation


Skirting is like the finishing touch on your mobile home. It covers the space between your home and the ground. This hides things like plumbing and wiring and gives your home a neat, finished look. Skirting can be made of various materials like vinyl, metal, faux stones, or wood. Pick one that suits your budget and the style of your home.

Installing skirting isn’t too hard. You’ll need to measure the area around your home and cut the skirting to fit. Then, attach it securely to the home’s frame and the ground. This also helps keep critters out and can even improve insulation during cold months.

3. Landscaping

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Remodeling Landscaping

A nice garden can turn the area around your mobile home into a little oasis. Start with a plan. Think about what plants will grow well in your area. Do you want flowers for color? Or maybe some shrubs for privacy? Don’t forget a path or a little area to sit and enjoy your garden.

When planting, remember to space things out. Plants grow and need room. Also, think about maintenance. Some plants need more water or pruning than others. Choose ones that fit your lifestyle. With some care, your garden will bloom, making your mobile home look more inviting.

4. Deck or Porch Addition

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Remodeling-Add Deck and Porch

Adding a deck or porch is like giving your mobile home an extra room, but outside! It’s the perfect spot for morning coffees, family barbecues, or just chilling with a book. When planning your deck or porch, consider how you’ll use it. Do you want a space for dining, lounging, or both? This will help you decide on the size and layout.

Building a deck or porch can be a big project, but it’s worth it. You can use wood or composite materials. The wood looks classic, but it needs more upkeep. Composite materials last longer and need less care. Once it’s built, add some comfy chairs, a table, and maybe some potted plants. Now, you’ve got a cozy outdoor spot to enjoy.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Remodeling-Outdoor Lighting

Good lighting outside your mobile home is essential. It makes walking around at night safer and adds a nice touch to the look of your home. Solar lights are great for paths. They don’t need wiring and get their power from the sun. Stick them in the ground along walkways, and you’re good to go.

For your deck or porch, LED lights work well. They’re energy-efficient and last a long time. You can put string lights around the railing for a twinkly, festive look. Or, use lanterns for a softer glow. Lights can really set the mood and make your outdoor space feel like a magical retreat at night.

6. Window Upgrades

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Remodeling-Window Upgrade

New windows can do a lot for your mobile home. They can change how it looks and make it more comfy inside. Look for energy-efficient windows. They keep heat out in the summer and in during the winter. This can save you money on heating and cooling.

When choosing windows, think about the style of your home. Do you want big windows for lots of light? Or something smaller for more privacy? Once you’ve picked them out, getting them installed properly is key. This makes sure they work right and last a long time. New windows can give your mobile home a fresh look and feel, inside and out.

7. Roof Overhaul


A roof does more than just cover your mobile home; it protects everything inside it. If your roof is old or leaking, it might be time for an overhaul. You can either replace the whole roof or add a new layer. This not only stops leaks but can also make your home look brand new.

When choosing materials for your new roof, consider the weather in your area. Do you need something that can handle heavy snow or strong winds? There are many options, like metal, asphalt, or rubber roofing. Each has its benefits. A new roof can be a big job but a wise investment. It keeps your home safe and even saves you money on energy bills.

8. Door Replacement

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Remodeling-Door Replacemen

Changing your doors can give your mobile home a quick and noticeable update. Look for doors that aren’t just good-looking but also strong and energy-efficient. A well-made door keeps the heat in during winter and out during summer.

When you pick a new door, also think about the style of your home. Do you want something modern or more traditional? There are lots of choices out there. And don’t forget about the hardware like knobs or handles. These small details can add a lot of style to your door.

Installing a new door is something you can do yourself if you’re handy. Or, you can get a professional to do it. Either way, a new door can change the look of your home and make it more secure.

9. Exterior Shutters


Shutters on your windows can boost your home’s curb appeal. They add a classic touch and come in different styles and colors. Plus, they’re not just for looks. Shutters can give you more privacy and block out the sun when it’s hot.

When choosing shutters, match them to the style of your mobile home. Do you want wood for a traditional look or something like vinyl for less maintenance? Make sure they fit your windows right. This makes them look better and work better.

Putting up shutters is a job you can do in a day or two. It’s an easy way to add character to your home. Shutters can make your windows stand out and give your mobile home a cozy, put-together look.

10. Gutter System

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Remodeling-Gutter System

A sound gutter system keeps your mobile home in top shape. Gutters catch rainwater and guide it away from your home. This protects your walls, windows, and foundation from water damage. If your home doesn’t have gutters or they’re old, it’s time to think about getting new ones.

When picking gutters, you have a few choices. Aluminum gutters are popular because they’re durable and don’t rust. Vinyl gutters are easier to install and great for DIYers. Ensure your gutters are the right size for your home and the amount of rain you get.

Installing gutters can be a weekend project. You’ll need to measure, cut, and attach them to the edges of your roof. Don’t forget about downspouts to direct the water away from your home. A well-set-up gutter system keeps your home safe from rain and looks neat.

11. Power Washing

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Power Washing

Power washing is like giving your home a deep clean. Over time, dirt, grime, and even mildew can build up on your home’s exterior. This can make it look old and uncared for. Power washing blasts all that dirt away. How much fresher and brighter your home can look after a good wash is fantastic.

You can rent a power washer or hire a professional to do it. If you’re doing it yourself, be careful with the pressure. Too much can damage paint or siding. Start with a lower setting and go slow. Focus on one section at a time for an even clean.

12. Outdoor Seating Area

Exterior-Mobile-Home-Remodeling-Outdoor Seating Area

Having a spot to sit and relax outside can make your mobile home feel bigger. It’s like an extra room but under the sky. You can use this space to eat, hang out with friends, or enjoy a quiet moment.

When setting up your outdoor seating area, think about comfort and style. Choose furniture that’s sturdy and weatherproof. Cushions add comfort and a splash of color. A small table is great for holding drinks or books.

Add personal touches like outdoor rugs, potted plants, or string lights. These little things can turn a simple seating area into a cozy retreat. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day or a starry night outside your home.

13. Fencing


Putting up a fence around your mobile home has lots of benefits. It gives you privacy so that you can enjoy your yard without worry. It also makes your place more secure by keeping out unwanted visitors, both people and animals. Plus, a fence clearly shows where your property starts and ends.

When choosing a fence, think about the look you want and how much upkeep you’re up for. Wood fences are classic, but they need more care. Metal or vinyl fences last longer and need less work. Also, consider the height. Taller fences are better for privacy, while shorter ones are more for looks.

Installing a fence can be a big project, but it’s doable. You’ll need to measure your space, dig holes for the posts, and then install the panels. You can always get a professional to help if that sounds too much.

14. Accent Features


Little details can make a big difference in how your home looks and feels. Things like a fancy mailbox, cool house numbers, or a fun doormat can add personality. These small changes are easy to do but have a big impact.

A decorative mailbox can be a real eye-catcher. Pick one that matches the style of your home. House numbers are another way to add style. You can go modern, traditional, or even artsy. And don’t forget a doormat. It’s not just for wiping your feet; it’s the first welcome to your home. Pick one that shows your style or has a message you like.

15. Awnings or Canopies


Awnings over your windows or a canopy over your porch do two things. They give you shade and add a stylish touch. Awnings can keep your home cooler in the summer by blocking direct sunlight. They come in many colors and patterns so that you can make a statement.

A canopy over your porch creates a cool, shady spot to relax. It’s like having an outdoor room. You can enjoy the fresh air without baking in the sun. Plus, it makes your outdoor seating area even more inviting.

Installing awnings or a canopy can range from simple to complex. Some are easy to put up with essential tools, while others might need more skill. Either way, they’re a great addition to your mobile home.

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