7 Mobile Home Stone Skirting Ideas

Are you looking to give your mobile home a severe style boost? Stone skirting might be the answer you’ve been searching for! Not only does it add a touch of elegance to your home’s exterior, but it also offers plenty of practical benefits. From durability and insulation to low maintenance and increased property value, stone skirting is a fantastic choice for mobile homeowners who want to make a statement. 

stone mobile home skirting

Types of Stone Skirting for Mobile Homes

Below, we’ll explore the various stone skirting materials available to help you find the perfect option for your home. From natural stone to lightweight manufactured options, there’s a stone skirting style for every taste and budget. Let’s dive in and discover the possibilities!

1. Natural Stone

stone skirting mobile home

Natural stone is an excellent choice for mobile home skirting, providing an authentic and timeless look that adds beauty and value to your property. It is typically the most expensive option, ranging from $10 to $30 or more per square foot. 

Natural stone is sourced directly from nature and offers a unique and organic appeal that’s hard to replicate with manufactured materials. Each piece of natural stone has a distinct pattern, color, and texture, giving your skirting a unique appearance.

When choosing natural stone for your mobile home skirting, it’s essential to consider factors like local availability, cost, installation requirements, and maintenance needs. With the proper planning and selection, natural stone can give your mobile home a stunning and enduring upgrade.

2. Faux Stone Panels

 mobile home with faux stone skirting

Faux stone is a popular and budget-friendly option for mobile home skirting. With prices generally ranging from $4 to $10 per square foot. Made from high-quality polyurethane, these panels are designed to replicate the appearance of natural stone in a lightweight, easy-to-install format. They offer an impressive level of realism, capturing the colors, textures, and patterns of various stone types.

One of the main advantages of faux stone panels is their ease of installation. The panels are lightweight, so you don’t need specialized equipment or extensive knowledge to install them. Many faux stone panels are designed with an interlocking system, making it simple to align and secure them in place. This ease of installation makes faux stone panels an attractive choice for DIY enthusiasts or homeowners looking to save on labor costs.

Faux stone panels are also quite durable and weather-resistant. Since they are made from polyurethane and don’t absorb water like natural stone, they are less likely to crack or damage due to freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, faux stone panels are resistant to insects, UV rays, and general wear and tear, making them a low-maintenance option for mobile home skirting.

Another benefit of faux stone panels is their affordability. Faux stone panels are usually more cost-effective than natural stone or even some types of manufactured stone. It allows homeowners to achieve the desired stone look without spending a fortune on materials.

3. Cement Based Stone Veneer

faux stone skirting for mobile homes

Cement-based stone veneer is a popular manufactured stone option for mobile home skirting. It combines cement, aggregates, and pigments to create a material that resembles a natural stone’s appearance. This type of veneer is molded into various shapes, textures, and colors to mimic different kinds of natural stone, giving you plenty of design flexibility.

One significant advantage of cement-based stone veneers is their durability. Since it’s made primarily of cement, it’s a robust and long-lasting option for mobile home skirting. It can withstand weather conditions, from extreme heat to freezing temperatures, without cracking or deteriorating. It suits homeowners looking for skirting material that can withstand time.

It’s important to note that cement-based stone veneer does require some maintenance, such as sealing, to prevent water absorption and potential damage. However, with proper care, cement-based stone veneer can be an attractive, durable, and budget-friendly option for mobile home skirting, adding style and function to your property.

Cement-based stone veneer typically costs between $6 and $12 per square foot. While it’s more affordable than natural stone, it’s still heavier and may require professional installation, adding to the overall cost.

4. Polymer Based Stone Veneer

faux stacked stone mobile home skirting

Polymer-based stone veneer is an innovative and versatile option for mobile home skirting. It’s made by blending cement with polymers, creating a lightweight, stone-like material that resembles natural stone’s appearance. This type of manufactured stone veneer comes in various textures, colors, and patterns. It allows you to achieve the desired look for your mobile home skirting project.

One of the main benefits of polymer-based stone veneer is its lightweight nature. They are lighter than natural stone and even some other manufactured stone options. It makes handling, transporting, and installing easier, reducing the labor and time required for your skirting project.

Another advantage of polymer-based stone veneers is their resistance to various elements. The material is resistant to moisture, insects, and UV rays, which helps to protect your mobile home’s foundation and prolong the life of your skirting. Additionally, it’s less prone to cracking or chipping compared to natural stone or cement-based stone veneer, making it a low-maintenance option.

In terms of cost, polymer-based stone veneer prices can range from $5 to $15 per square foot, depending on the brand, style, and quality. However, it can be slightly more expensive than other manufactured stone options.

Pros and Cons of Stone Skirting for Mobile Homes

mobile home skirting looks like stone

Stone skirting for mobile homes offers numerous benefits but has some potential drawbacks. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of using stone skirting for your mobile home:


  • Aesthetic Appeal

The stone skirting can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your mobile home by adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. With various materials, styles, and colors available, you can create a look that complements your home’s design and reflects your style.

  • Durability

Stone materials, including natural and manufactured options, are durable and long-lasting. They can withstand weather conditions and resist damage from insects, UV rays, and general wear and tear.

  • Low Maintenance

Stone skirting typically requires minimal maintenance compared to other materials like wood or vinyl. It doesn’t need frequent painting or sealing and is less susceptible to rot, warping, or fading issues.

  • Insulation

The stone skirting can help insulate your mobile home, reducing heat transfer between the ground and your home’s interior. It can lead to increased energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs.

  • Protection

This skirting can provide a protective barrier for your mobile home’s foundation, preventing damage from water, pests, and debris.


  • Cost

More expensive than other skirting materials, particularly natural stone. However, more affordable options like faux stone panels or cement-based stone veneer are available.

  • Installation

It is more challenging to install than other skirting materials, especially natural stone. It often requires professional installation, which can add to the project’s overall cost.

  • Weight

Natural stone and some manufactured stone options can be heavy, potentially causing issues with the mobile home’s foundation or requiring additional structural support.

  • Limited Flexibility

It doesn’t offer the same level of flexibility as other materials, such as vinyl, which can be an issue in ground movement or shifting areas.

  • Repair

Stone skirting can be more difficult and expensive if damaged than other materials. Matching the original stone material and color can also be challenging.

Mobile Home Stone Skirting Installation Methods

mobile home skirting panels stone

When it comes to installing stone skirting for your mobile home, there are several methods you can choose from. Each method has pros and cons, depending on your selected stone material and experience level. Let’s discuss some standard installation methods for stone skirting:

  • Mortar Installation

This traditional method uses mortar, sand, cement, and water to adhere the stone veneer to a prepared surface. Mortar installation suits natural and manufactured stone materials and provides a robust and long-lasting bond. However, it requires skill and patience to mix and apply the mortar correctly, and it may take some time for the mortar to cure fully.

  • Adhesive Installation

For lightweight stone veneer options, such as faux stone panels or polymer-based stone veneers, you can use construction adhesives to attach the panels to the mobile home’s surface. This method is relatively simple and quick, as you only need to apply the glue to the back of the boards and press them onto the prepared surface. However, it’s crucial to use the correct type of adhesive for your stone material and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a secure bond.

  • Screw or Nail Installation

Some manufactured stone panels have built-in mounting systems that allow you to secure them using screws or nails. This method benefits faux stone panels, as they are lightweight, easy to handle, and fasten. It’s essential to use appropriate fasteners and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent damage to the panels and ensure a secure installation.

  • Panelized Stone Veneer System

This innovative installation method uses prefabricated stone veneer panels to interlock and creates a seamless appearance. These panelized systems can simplify installation, as they typically don’t require mortar or adhesive. They’re an excellent option for DIYers or those looking for quick and efficient installation.

7 Mobile Home Stone Skirting Design Ideas

stone skirt for mobile home

The possibilities of incorporating stone skirting into your mobile home’s exterior design are endless. With a wide range of materials, colors, and styles, you can create a look that perfectly complements your home and reflects your taste. Here are some design ideas and inspiration to help you get started:

1. Rustic Charm

mobile home stone skirting

Embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings with a rustic stone skirting design. Opt for fieldstone, stacked stone, or irregularly shaped stone veneer in earthy tones to create a cozy, welcoming look that blends seamlessly with the landscape.

2. Modern Elegance

stone skirting for mobile homes

For a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, consider using a smooth, linear stone veneer in neutral colors like gray, white, or black. Pair this with clean lines and minimalistic landscaping for a modern appearance.

3. Cottage Style

mobile home skirting stone

Create a quaint, cottage-inspired look using light-colored limestone or sandstone veneer with a tumbled or aged finish. Complete the look by incorporating elements like window shutters, flower boxes, and a picket fence to enhance the charm of your mobile home.

4. Mediterranean Flair

mobile home skirting faux stone

Give your mobile home a touch of Mediterranean style by choosing stone skirting in warm, earthy tones like terracotta or golden brown. Opt for a textured or patterned stone veneer. To complete the look, consider incorporating elements like wrought iron accents, or lush greenery.

5. Eclectic Mix

mobile home faux stone skirting

Combine different stone materials, colors, and textures for a unique and visually exciting design. For example, you might choose a combination of stacked stone and brick or mix rough-textured and smooth stone veneers. This approach allows you to create a unique look that reflects your personality and style.

6. Monochromatic Palette

stone look mobile home skirting

Choose a single color for your stone skirting and coordinate it with your mobile home’s siding, trim, and other exterior elements. This monochromatic approach can create a harmonious, visually appealing, elegant, and cohesive look.

7. Accent Features

mobile home skirting stone look

Use stone skirting to highlight specific areas of your mobile home’s exterior, such as around windows, doors, or corners. It can add visual interest and create a focal point that draws attention to your home’s architectural features.

When planning your stone skirting design, consider your mobile home’s existing style, the surrounding environment, and your personal preferences. 


In conclusion, stone skirting is an excellent choice for enhancing your mobile home’s appearance, functionality, and value. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, modern, or eclectic look, stone skirting can elevate your mobile home’s curb appeal and make it a more enjoyable and beautiful place to live.