10 Mobile Home Wood Skirting Ideas

Skirting, the material that covers the base of your home, plays a crucial role. Not only does it protect the underbelly of your home from the elements, but it also adds a dash of personality to your curb appeal. And when it comes to skirting materials, wood stands out as a stellar choice! With its natural warmth, versatility, and sheer variety of styles, wooden skirting can transform your mobile home into a showstopper. Let’s explore the top mobile home wood skirting ideas to inspire your next home makeover!

1. Traditional Lattice Skirting

Mobile Homw with Lattice Wood Skirting

Let’s start with a perennial favorite: traditional lattice skirting. This classic design screams simplicity and charm, making it a go-to choice for many homeowners. Picture crisscrossing slats of wood forming a diamond pattern. That’s a lattice for you!

Now, why is lattice skirting so popular? The open design allows for excellent airflow under your home. It helps keep things dry and cool, reducing the risk of moisture-related issues. Plus, installing lattice skirting is a breeze. It’s light, easy to handle, and attaches quickly to your home’s base.

But what really draws the eye is its versatility. You can paint lattice skirting in any color you fancy. Want a crisp white to match your picket fence? Go for it! Fancy a bold, standout shade to contrast your home? You bet! With lattice skirting, your options are truly limitless.

2. Horizontal Plank Skirting

Mobile Home with Horizontal Wood Plank Skirting

Ready to dial up the rustic vibes? Let’s talk about horizontal plank skirting. This style brings that country feel to your doorstep, evoking images of serene pastures and peaceful woodland cabins. Imagine this: rows of horizontal wooden planks lining the base of your mobile home. It’s like a cozy blanket of wood wrapped around your home.

Horizontal plank skirting is beautiful, but its appeal goes beyond the surface. This skirting style is robust and hard-wearing. Why? It often uses durable woods like cedar, known for its weather-resistant prowess. Rain or shine, horizontal plank skirting can withstand the elements.

But here’s the kicker: horizontal lines have a magic trick up their sleeves. They can make spaces appear broader and more substantial. Flat plank skirting can give your mobile home a grounded, sturdy look. And who wouldn’t want that?

Regarding installation, horizontal plank skirting is more labor-intensive than lattice. But don’t let that put you off. It’s a weekend DIY project that can offer immense satisfaction once completed.

3. Vertical Plank Skirting

Mobile Home with Vertical Wood Plank Skirting

Now, let’s flip things on their head and explore vertical plank skirting. Similar to horizontal plank skirting but with a different orientation, this style brings a new aesthetic to your mobile home. Picture rows of vertical planks, like soldiers standing to attention, lining the base of your home. The result looks that’s as sleek as it is distinctive.

But the appeal of vertical plank skirting isn’t just about good looks. These vertical lines work like an optical illusion, drawing the eye upwards and making your home appear taller. It’s a simple trick that can add a touch of elegance to any mobile home.

And the best part? You can customize the color to match your exterior. Stain rich mahogany to channel sophistication, or paint it a bright white for a fresh, modern look.

As for installation, vertical plank skirting is a bit more labor-intensive than lattice, but the results are worth it. You’ll need to invest some time and energy, but when you see your home looking taller and more elegant, you’ll know it was well spent.

4. Barn Wood Skirting

Mobile Home with Barn Wood Skirting

Let’s venture off the beaten path and explore something more rustic and unique – barnwood skirting. Let’s set the record straight before you get any images of old, decrepit barns falling apart. Barnwood skirting isn’t about bringing the barn to your home. It’s about capturing that aged, weathered beauty that only time can create.

Barnwood skirting is all about showcasing the character and texture of reclaimed wood. Each piece of barn wood carries its own story, with natural weathering and distinctive marks. It’s not just skirting; it’s a piece of history encircling your home.

And what’s more, using barn wood is a fantastic way to stay green. Recycling old Barnwood gives new life to these character-filled pieces and reduces the need for new timber. It’s a win-win for you and the environment!

Now, the installation of Barnwood skirting might seem daunting, given each piece’s unique shape and texture. But don’t fret. With some planning and a dash of creativity, you’ll have sturdy and stunning skirting.

5. Log Cabin Style Skirting

Mobile Home with Log Cabin Style Skirting

Buckle up because we’re heading into log cabin territory with our next wood skirting style. Log cabin-style skirting brings the rich, rugged feel of a cabin in the woods to your mobile home. Think of round logs, cut and shaped to fit snugly around the base of your home, offering a taste of wilderness charm.

Log cabin-style skirting is a definite eye-catcher. It’s for those who want to make a statement and stand out. It’s about embracing the natural beauty of wood in its most raw and authentic form.

But don’t be fooled by its rugged exterior. Log cabin-style skirting isn’t all about aesthetics. It is one sturdy customer. With each log fitting together perfectly, you get excellent protection from the elements.

However, it’s worth noting that this option is more expensive and labor-intensive than others. Rest assured; you’ll need to invest more time and money. The results are worth every penny. The satisfaction you’ll get from looking at your mobile home proudly wearing its log cabin skirting is priceless.

6. Pallet Wood Skirting

Mobile Home with Pallet Wood Skirting

Next, let’s focus on an unconventional but incredibly budget-friendly option: pallet wood skirting. Now, don’t underestimate this one. With creativity, pallet wood can lend your mobile home a shabby chic, industrial feel.

Picture this: repurposed pallets, their wooden slats beautifully aged and uniquely textured, protecting the base of your home. There’s something undeniably cool and edgy about it, don’t you think?

The beauty of pallet wood lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its affordability. Pallets are often available for little to no cost, and with a bit of effort, they can be transformed into eye-catching skirting.

And while talking about transformation, let’s not forget the environmental factor. Repurposing pallet wood is a fantastic way to reduce waste and give a second life to these often-discarded items.

Installing pallet wood skirting will require some DIY skills. You’ll need to disassemble the pallets, treat the wood, and assemble your skirting. It’s some work, but the result is a unique, budget-friendly skirting option.

7. Shiplap Skirting

Mobile Home with Shiplap Wood Skirting

Now let’s set sail on a stylish journey with shiplap skirting. If you’re a fan of coastal aesthetics or farmhouse chic, you’ll love this one. Shiplap has taken the design world by storm for a good reason.

Imagine horizontally stacked wooden boards, each one overlapping the next. That’s shiplap. The result? A beautiful texture and depth that adds charm and character to your mobile home. Picture the rustic elegance of a beach house or a cozy farmhouse – that’s the magic of shiplap.

But shiplap isn’t just a pretty face. It’s durable and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. The overlapping design allows for a tight seal, protecting your home’s underbelly from the elements. That’s style and substance right there!

As for colors, shiplap skirting offers endless possibilities. Leave it natural for a rustic feel, stain it for a warm and cozy look, or paint it white for that classic, breezy beach house vibe.

Installation of shiplap skirting is a bit more complex than other options. Still, with some basic carpentry skills, it’s a doable DIY project. The effort will pay off when you see your mobile home donning a chic, coastal look.

8. Beadboard Skirting

Mobile Home with Wood Beadboard Skirting

Beadboard could be your perfect match for that classic, cottage-style charm. It’s a timeless option that never goes out of style.

Imagine this: thin, vertical planks of wood lined up side by side, each separated by a slight ridge or bead. That’s beadboard for you. It adds depth and interest to your mobile home’s exterior, giving it a quaint, inviting look.

One of the highlights of beadboard skirting is its versatility. You can paint it in any color that complements your home. How about a charming white for a classic look? Or maybe a soft pastel shade for a bit of whimsy?

Beadboard skirting is also quite sturdy and provides good protection for the undercarriage of your mobile home. The installation process is more straightforward than the other skirting options we’ve discussed. It is an excellent choice if you’re new to DIY projects.

9. Wooden Louvers Skirting

Mobile Home with Wooden Louvers Skirting

Our next stop on this skirting style tour is a real standout: wooden louvers skirting. You’ve seen louvers on window shutters and closet doors, but did you know they can make a superb skirting choice for your mobile home, too?

Imagine rows of angled slats, like the blades on a fan or the shutters on a window. That’s louvers for you. They allow air to flow freely underneath your home while offering decent protection from the elements.

But the natural appeal of wooden louver skirting lies in its unique aesthetic. It has a cool, modern, timeless architectural vibe. You can paint it in any color, so it’s easy to match it with the rest of your exterior. Go bold with vibrant color, or keep it sleek with a cool gray or crisp white.

Installing wooden louver skirting is a bit more complex than other options. Still, the payoff is a unique and stylish look. It requires precision and patience, but who doesn’t love a good DIY challenge?

10. Faux Wood Panel Skirting

Mobile Home with Faux Wood Panel Skirting

Let’s veer off the beaten path and explore a wood alternative: faux wood panel skirting. It might not be the real deal but don’t dismiss it yet. Faux wood offers a budget-friendly skirting alternative that can mimic the beauty of natural wood without maintenance headaches.

Picture this: panels made from durable vinyl or plastic are molded and painted to look like natural wood. It’s like a Hollywood set designer got hold of your skirting. The result budget-friendly option that can look surprisingly authentic.

One of the most significant advantages of faux wood panel skirting is its durability. It’s resistant to rot, pests, and even fire. It’s the Superman of skirting! And unlike natural wood, it doesn’t need to be sealed or stained.

Installation is typically easier and faster than with natural wood options. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re new to DIY or want to get your skirting up quickly.

Of course, while faux wood panel skirting can look quite convincing, it’s not the same as natural wood. This option might not be for you if you’re a wood purist. But if you’re looking for a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative that can still deliver on style, faux wood panel skirting could be a perfect match.


Skirting protects the underside of your home from the elements. So you’re not just making a style statement. You’re also investing in the longevity of your mobile home. Talk about a smart move! Whether you choose natural wood or a faux wood alternative, remember that regular maintenance is key. Keep your skirting looking its best; it will serve you well for years.