Mobile Home Shutters: A Guide to Types and Installation Tips

Get ready to embark on a riveting journey through the world of mobile home shutters! From exploring the diverse shutter types to delving into the materials they’re made from, we’ve got it covered. Are you curious about the latest in color and design? We’re spilling the beans. And let’s not forget the grand finale: mastering the art of installation. It’s all about making your mobile home shine with personality and style. Let’s roll!




A detailed breakdown of the role and utility of shutters in mobile homes.

Understanding the basic premise of mobile home shutters paves the way for a successful selection.

Exploring the diverse types of shutters available, from traditional to modern styles.

Dive deep into the types to find the one that resonates with your style.

An in-depth look at the various materials employed in crafting shutters, highlighting their pros and cons.

Material choice affects both the look and longevity of your shutters.

Unveiling the latest trends in color and design, presenting a whirlpool of opportunities to jazz up your space.

Be bold and personal in your choices; the trend is what suits your style!

A step-by-step DIY guide to installing your shutters with expertise and ease.

Patience and precision are your best friends during the installation process.

A candid discussion on the cost spectrum for shutters across various sizes of windows, providing a concrete sense of the budget required.

Be mindful of your budget, and remember there's a perfect match for every price point.

What Are Mobile Home Shutters?

What Are Mobile Home Shutters?

Imagine the windows of your mobile home as eyes. Now, shutters? They’re the fabulous eyelashes that don’t just make those eyes pop but also offer protection. Think of them as stylish guards. Sounds cool, right?

Mobile home shutters are essentially window coverings tailor-made for mobile homes. But they’re not just about adding a splash of style. Nope. They serve some solid, functional purposes, too.

Firstly, they offer privacy. You don’t want just anyone peeking into your space. Then there’s the element of protection. These shutters keep the bad weather out and the cozy warmth in. No more battling with gusty winds or the blazing sun. Your shutters have got you covered. Literally!

And the icing on the cake? Choices! There’s a world of options from classic wood to modern aluminum, from rustic to sleek designs.

So, in a nutshell? Mobile home shutters: where function marries style. They’re the protective, chic touch your mobile home has longed for. And now that we’re all on the same page, let’s delve even deeper! Shall we?

Types of Shutters for Mobile Homes

Types of Shutters for Mobile Homes

Let’s get into the fun details of the various types of shutters you can grace your mobile home with. Think of it as walking through a gallery, each type presenting a distinct story and vibe. It’s a palette of choices that resonates with every taste and style.

1. Panel Shutters: The Classics

Mobile Home Panel Shutters

Think timeless, think classic. That’s what panel shutters are all about. Just picture those firm and solid structures standing guard, showcasing a blend of simplicity and elegance. These shutters give off that lovely traditional vibe that makes your home scream sophistication. Indeed, it is a timeless choice!

2. Louvered Shutters: Elegant Ventilation

Mobile-Home-Louvered Shutters

Now, imagine a shutter that combines beauty with functionality. Enter louvered shutters designed with a series of horizontal slats. They are like the breath of fresh air your home needs, allowing a gentle breeze to pass through while blocking out the harsh elements. And let’s not forget the luxurious touch it adds to your home’s façade.

3. Board and Batten Shutters: Rustic Charm

Board and Batten Shutters

Ready for a countryside retreat every day? Well, board and batten shutters bring that rustic dream alive. Think of wide wooden boards held together with crosspieces, creating a look that’s both raw and inviting. It’s rustic charm at its best, offering a cozy, homey vibe that welcomes you warmly each time you return home.

4. Bahama Shutters

Mobile Home Bahama Shutters

Picture your home sporting a tropical hat. That’s the Bahama shutter for you! Hinged at the top. These shutters are ready to swing out and stand firm against storms while giving off those laid-back, beachy vibes. It’s a vacation feel at your window, paired with stout-hearted defense against the elements.

5. Roll-down Shutters: The Modern Touch

Mobile Home Roll-down Shutters

Now, if modern and sleek is your style, roll-down shutters have got to be your pick. Think of it like a protective blanket that rolls down smoothly, guarding your home against storms and burglaries. Plus, the neat lines offer a modern aesthetic that screams sophistication and style. Its contemporary charm meets steadfast protection.

So, as we stroll through the beautiful gallery of shutter options, it’s clear there’s a style for every home. Whether you lean towards the classics or modern vibes, there’s a perfect match just waiting to adorn your mobile home windows.

Materials Used in Mobile Home Shutters

Materials Used in Mobile Home Shutters

You got it! Let’s talk about the heart of the matter: the materials that bring these shutters to life.

1. Wood: Natural and Timeless

Imagine bringing a slice of the great outdoors right to your window! Wood, with its rich grains and warm tones, does precisely that. It’s the traditional go-to, lending a natural, earthy vibe to your mobile home. Whether stained to showcase its natural beauty or painted to suit your color theme, wood shutters are like a warm hug for your windows.

2. Vinyl: Affordable and Versatile

Step into the world of vinyl, the budget-friendly superstar in the shutter world. It’s like having a canvas where you can play with colors and styles without burning a hole in your pocket. And the best part? It stands strong against the elements, promising a worry-free, low-maintenance life. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!

3. Aluminum: Durable and Lightweight

Now, let’s chat about aluminum, the powerhouse of materials. Picture a strong guard that’s surprisingly light yet ready to stand tall against storms and rain. Aluminum shutters add a sleek, modern touch while promising years of unwavering protection. It’s the knight in shining armor for your mobile home, don’t you think?

4. Fiberglass: The Strong Contender

Imagine having a secret superhero guarding your home. That’s fiberglass for you! It comes with a promise of unparalleled strength and resistance to warping and cracking. It’s like having a fortress that doesn’t compromise on style. Yes, with fiberglass, you step into a world of strength meets elegance, offering a sanctuary of safety and style.

5. Composite: Best of Both Worlds

Have you ever dreamt of a material that combines wood and vinyl’s best features? Well, composite shutters are here to make that dream come true. Think of it as the hybrid car of the shutter world, combining strength and style while being eco-friendly. It’s a win-win choice, delivering on both looks and durability gracefully.

Mobile Home Shutter Color Ideas

Mobile Home Shutter Colors

Let’s delve into the vibrant world of color and design trends in mobile home shutters!

1. Whites, Blacks, and Grays

Let’s start with the evergreen, the classics that never go out of style: the neutrals. Imagine a canvas of whites, blacks, and grays adorning your windows. These colors lend a touch of grace, creating a serene, elegant backdrop that harmonizes with any exterior. They are like the little black dress of home fashion – timeless, elegant, and always in vogue.

2. Bold and Beautiful

Now, if you’re someone with a zest for life, the vibrant palette is calling your name! Picture ruby red shutters or a splash of ocean blue, giving your home a lively, spirited persona. It’s like throwing a perpetual garden party at your windows, with colors that bring joy, energy, and a dash of daring. Are you ready to embrace a vibrant life?

3. Patterns and Textures

But hey, why stop at colors? Let’s talk about patterns and textures that tell a story. Imagine shutters featuring intricate carvings or maybe a chic chevron pattern. It’s all about showcasing your unique style, creating a visual delight that draws eyes and starts conversations. It’s about being bold, being unique, being you. How about we add some personality to those windows?

As we look at the whirlpool of colors and patterns, it’s clear that the sky’s the limit for shutters. Whether you’re a lover of the classics or a vibrant color enthusiast, there’s a world of options to explore.

How to Install Exterior Shutters

How to Install Exterior Shutters

Let’s roll up those sleeves and jump into the DIY guide to installing your dream shutters quickly and confidently.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

First things first, gather the heroes of this mission. Picture a power drill, screws, a level, and a ladder coming together for the big day. It’s about being prepared right from the get-go.

Step 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Now, onto the critical part: measuring. Grab that tape measure, and let’s ensure precision. After all, we want those shutters to fit like a dream, don’t we? So, measure twice or even thrice, just to be sure!

Step 3: Prepping the Area

Next up is the prep work. Visualize a clean, clear space waiting to welcome those stunning shutters. It means dusting off the windowsills and ensuring a smooth surface. It’s like rolling out the red carpet for your new shutters.

Step 4: Marking the Drill Holes

Here we go; it’s time to mark those drill points. Picture yourself keeping the spots with a pencil, a calm and focused artist at work, laying the ground for a masterpiece. It’s about precision, so take your time.

Step 5: Drilling the Holes

Now, the adrenaline-pumping part: drilling the holes. Imagine the drill biting into the siding, creating perfect homes for the screws to nestle in. Yes, it’s our installation movie’s action scene, right?

Step 6: Hanging the Shutters

And now, for the grand entrance. Picture holding up the shutter, aligning it with the drilled holes, and seeing it fit perfectly. It’s time to secure them with screws steadily until they stand firm and beautiful. It’s a moment of triumph, don’t you think?

Step 7: The Finishing Touches

Lastly, the final touches. Visualize stepping back, inspecting your work, and adding any necessary adjustments. Perhaps it’s tightening a screw or smoothing an edge. It’s the finishing touch, the bow on the gift, perfecting everything.

And voila! You stand back, and there it is, the transformation of your mobile home, adorned with gorgeous shutters, a true testimony to your hard work and aesthetic choice. It’s a sight to behold, a job well done, don’t you think?

Mobile Home Shutter Costs

Mobile Home Shutter Costs

Let’s talk numbers because getting the best deal is as exciting as finding the perfect pair of shutters. Picture this: a brand-new set of shutters gracing your mobile home without breaking the bank.

1. Small Window (24×36 inches)

First, our petite yet perfect window is ideal for those smaller spaces. Now, think about vinyl shutters, the budget-friendly champions for a window of this size. Envision spending around $100-$200 per window, bringing a fresh vibe without a hefty price tag. Sounds appealing, right?

2. Medium Window (36×48 inches)

Stepping up, we have the medium-sized window, the universally loved choice. Picture gracing this window with beautiful composite shutters. You’re looking at an investment of about $200-$350 per window, striking a delightful balance between style and budget. It’s all about getting the best of both worlds, don’t you think?

3. Large Window (48×60 inches)

Let’s talk grandeur, the large window that brings in the flood of natural light. Imagine dressing this beauty with chic wood shutters. We are looking at a ballpark figure of $350-$500 per window, adding a statement of style and elegance. It’s a bit of a splurge, but oh, so worth it, don’t you agree?

4. Extra Large Window (60×72 inches)

Lastly, we have the extra-large window, the true showstopper. Visualize this massive canvas adorned with top-of-the-line aluminum shutters. You’re entering a premium category here, with costs ranging from $500-$700 per window, promising durability and a modern touch. It’s the grand gesture in the world of shutters, truly a regal choice, wouldn’t you say?

So, as you can see, it’s a diverse landscape, offering options for every budget. From the cozy small window to the majestic extra-large one, each has its perfect match just waiting to be discovered. It’s about creating a beautiful harmony of style and budget, crafting a look that feels just right.


Choosing the perfect shutters is like adding a touch of magic to your mobile home. It’s all about style, functionality, and budget harmoniously coming together. With so many options at your fingertips, from materials to colors, there’s a world waiting to be explored. Remember, it’s not just about covering windows; it’s about creating memories and adding warmth.