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Tips to Choose Bathtub for Mobile Home

These Example Size of Mobile Home Bathtub 42 X 60

Tips to Choose Bathtub for Mobile Home – Usually a mobile home features a standard tub, but if you want to replace it, there are many choices. But before you buy a new tub, consider the type of tub you want, whether a general or deep bath garden tub for soaking. You also need to ensure that the purchased bathtub fits your home, which means that the measurement space is very important when selecting a bathtub for a mobile home. You also need to consider the materials bathtubs, considering that most bathtubs for a mobile home made of plastic or fiberglass.

Most forms of bathtubs for mobile home are rectangle with a little depth. The bottom of the bath mobile home that generally standard size of 17 inches (43.2 cm) by 43 inches (109.2 cm). Traditional bathtubs type suitable for your use only tub to shower only. Meanwhile, if you like to soak, bath garden tub that fits is also known as a soaking tub. These types of tub are deeper and wider and generally oval.

Bathtub Surround for Mobile Home

The dimensions of the bottom of the tub is not the only one that needs to be considered, the width and length of the entire bathtubs mobile home is also important. If you want the replacement process goes smoothly, you need to choose a bathtub that fits with the room. Most bath mobile home measuring approximately 27 inches (68.6 cm) 54 inches (137.2 cm) so you have to make sure that the room for a bathtub has the same size.

Last consideration in choosing a bathtub mobile home is a type of material. Generally the mobile home bathtubs made of plastic because it is light, and this is usually the easiest type to find and affordable. If you want to bath mobile home is a little more durable than plastic tub, the choice is made from fiberglass bathtubs. Bathtub is still mild enough so it fits mounted on the mobile home. Of course, this type typically cost a little more than a tub of plastic.

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54 Inch Bathtub For Mobile Home
Standard Mobile Home Bathtub 42 X 54
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54 x 27 mobile home bathtub
These Example Size of Mobile Home Bathtub 42 X 60