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Affordable Double Wide Skirting Ideas for Your Mobile Homes

Wood Skirting for Mobile Homes

If you have a plan to build a double wide mobile home, it is important to consider about the skirting. This is strongly related to the function of the skirting itself. You need to use skirting because it is used to hide the structure of the double wide mobile house. Moreover, it also protects the piping installation for freezing problem. The most important thing is that the finish of your double wide mobile home will be beautiful to see. Here, you can check the information about Double wide skirting Ideas to apply.

For example, you can take vinyl skirting to support your mobile house improvement project. For your information, people tend to take vinyl skirting because this type of skirting is easy to install. Furthermore, this skirting is also considered as affordable enough to buy. It is also because it has attracting model and makes your double wide mobile house looks beautiful than before. Commonly, you need up to 12 panels to cover the entire house with the skirting. One more Double wide skirting Ideas you can apply for your mobile house is real rock. The uniqueness of this skirting is on its pattern. Actually, you will see stone pattern but it is not a stone because the material used for this skirting is plastic. Just like the first reference, people take this skirting as their second reference because it is easy to install. People will take this type of skirting than vinyl in the sense of model although the price is a little bit expensive. Furthermore, you can choose it in 3 different sizes which are 2.6 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches. Do you like skirting with pattern? If it is so, you can also take faux rock panel. This type of panel is also known as brick panel because the pattern is looks like bricks. But again, it is not a real brick because the material used is polyurethane. This skirting is also sturdy and lightweight and can stand in any kind of condition and temperature. This skirting is more expensive than the real stone but you can easily install this material faster.

Brick Skirting Mobile Homes

Do you still more affordable Double wide skirting Ideas to apply? Metal skirting can be your next option. Definitely, this is affordable and easy to install. The pattern is simple and even you can paint it with primary colors. Just spend around $10 up to $15 per 5 foot panels and it is really reasonable price. For those who don’t really like to use pattern but tend to use color skirting, you can also take foam skirting. This material is offered in several different colors and textures. Interestingly, the price of this skirting is the same with metal so you just need to choose the best one. In the end, you don’t need to get confuse about what kind of skirting you want to apply. Now, you have several ideas to do. It is important to consult with the experts or the builders if you are hiring a professional to do this skirting project.

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