Discover the Charm of a 15 x 76 Single Wide Mobile Home

15 x 76 Single Wide Mobile Home

Think about walking into a home where every inch serves a purpose. This is exactly what you get with this single-wide mobile home. It stretches a roomy 76 feet in length and is snug at 15 feet 6 inches wide, giving you 1130 square feet of smartly used space.

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home Layout

Inside, you’ll find roomy areas for daily life, rest, and storage, neatly packed into a sleek design. The clever layout means you’re getting the most home for your space without any waste. This isn’t just a house; it’s a well-thought-out home that understands you need elbow room, comfort, and style.

Comfortable and Chic Living Room

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living Room

This living room is all about chill vibes and stylish looks. It’s a space where you can flop down on a couch and have room to stretch. The size is just right—not too big, not too small.

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living-Room Fireplace

And the linear fireplace? It’s the room’s heart, adding a cozy glow with a sleek, modern twist. Now, look up, and you’ll see the coffered ceiling.

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home-Living-Room Sofa

These excellent recessed panels add elegance and a touch of class to the room. It’s not just any ceiling; it’s a design feature that catches the eye and makes you say, “Wow.”

Kitchen Design


Dive into this kitchen; you’ll find it’s a chef’s pal. It’s laid out so everything is within arm’s reach, making cooking a breeze.

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home-Kitchen Design

You’ve got a fridge, dishwasher, and plenty of counter space. Plus, a pantry’s there to stash all your snacks and spices.

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home-Kitchen waterfall bar

And guess what? There’s this cool waterfall bar. It’s a sleek counter that flows like a waterfall – fancy and functional, doubling as extra space for meal prep or a quick bite.

Inviting Dining Area

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile Dining Room

Step right from the kitchen into the dining area. It’s set up next door, so carrying plates to the table is easy—no long trips or turns. This space fits a good-sized table where everyone can gather. Whether it’s a weekday dinner or Sunday brunch, this dining spot is about sharing meals and moments.

Expansive Master Suite

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Master Suite

Picture a master bedroom where stretching out is easy. At nearly 11 feet by 15 feet, this space is more than just a spot for a bed. It’s a retreat. With room for a king-size bed and then some, you can move around freely without bumping into things.


Right there in your sanctuary, you’ve got a bathroom just for you. It’s got all you need:

  1. A big shower.
  2. A double vanity to spread out all your stuff.
  3. Even a spot to hang your robe.
15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home Bathroom

It’s like having a little spa right at home.

Now, the other bedrooms are just as smart. Bedroom 2 is more than 8 feet by 12 feet, giving you enough space for a comfy bed and a desk or dresser. Bedroom 3 is a snugger, making it perfect for a kid’s room or a home office. Each room has built-in storage with wardrobes for clothes and shelves for books or treasures. There’s no need to worry about where to put things—it’s all taken care of.

Guest Bathroom Amenities

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home-Guest Bathroom

And the guest bathroom? It’s not just a spare space; it’s a full bathroom with all the essentials. There’s a tub-shower combo for a quick rinse or a long soak, and the vanity has enough room for visitors to spread out their toiletries. It’s designed to make everyone feel right at home.

Outdoor Accessibility: The Porch

15-x-76-Single-Wide-Mobile-Home-Outdoor Accessibility

Then, there’s the porch. It’s a smooth step away from the living room, linking inside comfort to outside fresh air. Think of it as an extra room but with a breeze. It’s the perfect nook for morning coffees or evening wind-downs. And since it’s right there, blending with the living room, the line between indoors and outdoors gets nicely blurred. It’s easy to slip out and enjoy the open air whenever you like it.

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