How to Choose a Fireplace for a Mobile Home

Fireplace for a Mobile Home

Can you add a fireplace to a mobile home? The answer is yes! But not all fireplaces are made equal. Especially when we talk about mobile homes, they must be engineered specifically for them. It means they meet HUD standards, ensuring you stay warm without any mishaps. Ready to dive in? Let’s ensure you pick the right fit for your comfy nook!

1. Size and Dimensions

Mobile Home Fireplace Size and Dimensions

First, let’s tackle size and dimensions! This step? It’s like shopping for that perfect pair of jeans. The fit matters. Big time.

Start by grabbing your trusty tape measure. Measure that spot in your mobile home where you envision your fireplace sitting. Width, height, depth—jot them all down. Think of this as your fireplace’s blueprint.

Why all this fuss about size? Two reasons.

First, heating. A mammoth fireplace in a tiny room? Overkill. And a tiny one in a spacious room? You’ll be left reaching for extra blankets. The right-sized fireplace will heat your space just right, like Goldilocks’ perfect bowl of porridge.

Second, style points. You want a fireplace that complements your space. Not one that swallows it or seems lost. Balance is the name of the game here. Find a fireplace that fits seamlessly, making your room feel cozy not crowded.

So, measure, take notes, and choose wisely. When size and aesthetics go hand in hand, you get the best of both worlds. Warmth and style!

2. Type of Fuel

Type of Fuel

Next, let’s dive into a hot topic: fuel types! Think of it as picking the cuisine for dinner. Each option has its unique flavor, pros, and cons. So, let’s dig in and find your perfect fireplace ‘meal’!

1. Wood

Ah, the classic. Lighting up logs? That’s the ticket to nostalgia. The crackle, the aroma—campfire vibes right in your living room. Conversely, you must stack up on logs and clean out ashes. Plus, remember, safety first when handling real flames.

2. Gas

Here’s the speedy option. With a gas fireplace, you get instant warmth with a flick of a switch. Super convenient. And no ashes to deal with! Just remember, it requires a gas line. So, a bit more setup is involved.

3. Electric

Talk about plug and play! An electric fireplace needs a socket. No fuss. Plus, many models come with fun features like changing flame colors. But remember, while it’s super easy, it might not pack as much heat as wood or gas.

4. Pellet

Ever heard of it? These use small pellets made of compressed sawdust. They’re efficient and eco-friendly. Load them up, and you get a steady burn. There is a bit of a middle ground between wood and gas.

Now, it’s decision time. What feels suitable for your mobile home and lifestyle? Cozy wood crackle or quick and easy gas? Maybe the modern touch of electricity? Or the green thumb’s choice of pellet? Whatever you lean towards, ensure it sits well with your space and taste buds! 

3. Venting


So, you’ve got two main players here.

1. Direct Vent

Imagine this as the takeout window for your fireplace. It directly sends out all the exhaust outside your home. Great for keeping the air inside fresh and clean. Plus, it works with a sealed glass door, so you’re not losing any heat.

2. Vent-Free

This is like cooking with the windows shut. No need for outside venting. They’re super-efficient since no heat escapes. But they do release a small amount of combustion gases into your home. Hence, it’s essential to have good room ventilation.

4. Heat Output

Heat Output

Picture this: You’re tuning the volume on your stereo. Too low? Can’t hear the tunes. Too high? Your neighbors might come knocking. Heat output in fireplaces? It’s the same deal. Let’s dial it in just right.

Okay, first up: BTUs. It stands for British Thermal Units (but who really needs to remember that?). Think of BTUs as the volume dial for your fireplace. A higher BTU means more warmth, while a lower one means less. It’s all about balancing this “volume” with the size of your room.

Here’s a rule of thumb. A small room? You’re looking at around 5,000 to 10,000 BTUs. A larger space? That’ll be in the ballpark of 20,000 BTUs or more. The key is ensuring you don’t turn your cozy room into a sauna or barely feel the warmth on the flip side.

Bottom line? Dialing in the right BTUs is like finding the perfect song volume. Once you hit that sweet spot, all left is to sit back, relax, and bask in the cozy ambiance. So, grab that remote and tune your fireplace to the perfect “volume”! 

5. Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s shift gears and discuss the spotlight-stealer: design and aesthetic appeal! Imagine it’s fashion week but for your mobile home. Your fireplace? It’s the showstopper on the runway.

Your fireplace should feel like it walked into your home and just belonged. Whether you’re vibing with a modern minimalist look or dreaming of rustic charm, there’s a fireplace style to match. It’s about picking a design that matches your mobile home’s personality. Sleek lines, ornate details, or maybe a mix of both? The runway – erm, I mean, the living room – is yours.

Now, onto the fun part. Exploring finishes is like choosing accessories for a killer outfit. A shiny glass front? That’s the equivalent of statement earrings. Stone detailing? Think of it as a vintage leather belt. From smooth metal to handcrafted wood, the choices are as diverse as a designer’s catalog. And don’t even get me started on the colors. Whether you lean towards a chic matte black or a pop of colored ceramic, there’s a palette waiting to elevate your space.

In essence, when it comes to design, it’s about more than just warmth. It’s about making a statement, a reflection of your unique style. So, as you sift through designs and finishes, remember your fireplace isn’t just a heater. It’s an icon. Strut your stuff and let your design choices shine.

6. Safety Features

Safety Features

Think of this as the seatbelt in your car or the helmet when you’re biking. Sure, the ride (or the cozy fireplace glow) is the star, but safety? That’s the unsung hero keeping the show on the road.

  • Tip-Over Protection

Have you ever had that mini-heart attack when something wobbles? No one wants their fireplace tipping. Many models come with a feature that auto-shuts if they lean or tip. It’s like a guardian angel for your fireplace, stepping in when things get shaky.

  • Overheat Protection

Nobody wants a fireplace that thinks it’s a dragon. Overheat protection ensures things don’t get too fiery. If the unit gets hotter than it should, this feature hits the brakes, cooling things down. It’s just like that trusty fan on a hot summer day.

  • Safety Barriers

Do kids or pets? These barriers are like the soft cushions on sharp table edges. They ensure curious hands or paws don’t get too close to the heat. Peace of mind guaranteed.

  • Cool-to-Touch Glass

Just because it’s a fireplace doesn’t mean you want scorching surfaces. This feature is the MVP, ensuring the outer glass stays cool, even when the flames dance their hottest jig.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A silent protector. If you’re opting for gas, having a detector nearby is like having a security guard. It’s always on the lookout, ensuring the air stays safe.

In a nutshell? Safety features include the backstage crew ensuring the main event – your cozy, warming fireplace – runs smoothly. They might not get the spotlight, but trust me, they’re the stars. So, as you bask in that warm glow, know you’re wrapped in a safety blanket. 

7. Budget and Pricing

Budget and Pricing

When it comes to fireplaces, just like shopping for anything else, there’s that ever-important balance between what we want and what makes sense for our wallet. Let’s dive in.

  • Setting Your Budget

First off, know your limits. Decide on a budget before being wooed by a luxurious model who sings (okay, not literally). Think of it as your shopping buddy, keeping you on track.

  • Cost vs. Value

Sure, some fireplaces could make anyone’s jaw drop, but is it worth it? Consider the long-term benefits. Some pricier models may be more efficient, saving you on future bills. It’s like investing in that top-notch blender you know will last years without a hiccup.

  • Extras and Add-ons

Fireplaces, like cars, come with potential upgrades. Remote controls, mood lighting, or even a sound system (yes, really!). These bells and whistles can nudge up the price. So, ask yourself: Nice-to-have or need-to-have?

  • Installation Costs

Here’s the sneaky bit. The price tag on the fireplace might look good, but remember the installation. It’s like buying a bed but forgetting you might need help setting it up. Always factor in potential installation costs to avoid surprises.

  • Long-Term Efficiency

A cheaper model might be tempting, but will it guzzle more energy in the long run? Sometimes, spending a bit more upfront can mean savings down the road. It’s the old “spend money to save money” dance.

Buying a fireplace is about more than the initial cost in the grand scheme. It’s about making a savvy investment for your home’s future coziness. As you weigh options and budgets, remember: It’s not just about lighting up a room; it’s about making a bright choice for your home and wallet. 

Mobile Home-Approved Fireplaces

Mobile Home-Approved Fireplaces

Dive into the world of top-tier fireplaces tailored just for mobile homes. Each brand has its flavor and its unique pizzazz. Let’s pull back the curtain on these four showstoppers.

1. Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

Think of Dimplex as the cool, tech-savvy cousin everyone wants at their party. No fuss, no muss. They’re all about electric ease. Plug it in, power it up, and poof! Instant ambiance. These gems come with lifelike flames, making you wonder, “Is it real, or is it Dimplex?”

2. Napoleon Gas Fireplaces

Elegance meets power. Napoleon is like the James Bond of the fireplace world. Sleek design, effortless function. Their gas-powered wonders spring to life with just a flick, offering warmth with a dash of luxury.

3. Majestic Electric Fireplaces

Drama, style, and a touch of modern magic. Majestic lives up to its name, offering electric fireplaces that literally light up a room. Their models are like art pieces – functional yet oh-so-fashionable.

4. Empire Gas Fireplaces

Empire is all about reliability. It’s like that trusty old friend who’s always got your back. Their gas fireplaces deliver consistent warmth, melding seamlessly with any interior. Simple, sturdy, and always on point.

In the grand theater of home warmth, these brands take center stage. They’re not just about heating your space but about elevating it. Each offers its brand of cozy charm, ready to make your mobile home the coziest spot on the block.

Installation Tips

Installation Tips

Now that you’ve picked your star fireplace let’s chat about giving it the grand entrance it deserves: installation! Think of it as setting up the stage for a grand performance. Let’s ensure it’s pitch-perfect.

  • Location

The first rule in real estate is also key for fireplaces. Find that sweet spot. It’s not too close to flammable items but perfect for spreading warmth. Like setting up the DJ booth where the dance floor won’t be too crowded, but everyone can groove.

  • DIY or Not to DIY

Just like you wouldn’t cut your hair before a big event (unless you’re adventurous), consider if you’re skilled enough for DIY fireplace installation. Sometimes, it’s best left to the pros.

  • Read The Manual

Okay, I know. Manuals aren’t as fun as unwrapping a new toy. But this one’s like the secret recipe to grandma’s famous cookies. Vital! It’ll guide you through each step, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

  • Ventilation is Key

You wouldn’t run a marathon in a tiny room, right? Your fireplace needs to breathe. Ensure proper ventilation. Let the bad air out and the good vibes in.

  • Safety Checks

Once it’s all setup, test it before you nestle down with that cup of cocoa. It’s like doing a soundcheck before the main concert. Ensure everything’s working as it should.

Remember, after the grand opening, keep the star shining. Regular checks and cleaning are a must. Think of it as pampering your fireplace. A little TLC keeps the warmth and charm rolling.


Choosing the right fireplace for your mobile home is not as daunting as it sounds. From style to safety, energy efficiency to budget, you’ve got the tools to make a bright choice. Picture those cozy nights, flames flickering, as you bask in the warmth of a decision well-made.