15 Mobile Home Home Living Room Gallery Wall Ideas

A gallery wall is more than just decoration. It tells your story. In a manufactured home, space is precious. A gallery wall makes the most of it. It turns your walls into a canvas of creativity. You mix photos, prints, and art. The result? A space that’s uniquely yours. So, let’s dive into 15 mobile home living room gallery wall ideas.

1. Family Photos

Mobile Home Living Room Family Picture Wall Ideas

Family photos are like time capsules. They capture moments to remember. When picking photos for your gallery, choose a mix. Go for smiles, candid shots, and posed portraits. This variety adds life to your wall. Now, think about frames. Match them, or mix different styles for a fun look. Rustic wood frames give a cozy feel. Sleek metal ones are modern. Remember, layout matters. Try a grid for a clean look. Or, go for an asymmetrical layout for a playful touch. Family photos are your story. Show them off in a way that feels right to you.

2. Nature Prints

Mobile Home Home Living Room Gallery Wall with Nature Prints

Nature prints bring the outside in. Think of forests, oceans, or flower fields. These prints add calm to your room. When choosing, look at the colors. Do they match your room? They should blend in, not clash. Lay out your prints before hanging them. Place larger ones in the center. Smaller ones go around them. This creates balance. Mix close-ups with landscapes for variety. Nature is all about harmony. Let your nature prints reflect that in your home.

3. Abstract Art

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Abstract Ar

Abstract art is bold. It makes a statement. When picking these pieces, think about the mood you want. Bright colors bring energy. Soft, swirling patterns are calming. Don’t worry about ‘understanding’ the art. Just choose what you love. Now, mix it with your other decor. Abstract art can stand out, but it should still fit in. Put a large abstract piece as a focal point. Or, use small ones to add pops of color. Mixing abstract art with other styles can make your room feel fresh and modern.

4. Vintage Posters

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Vintage Posters

Vintage posters are like a walk down memory lane. They bring a classic, retro feel. Look for posters that speak to you. Maybe it’s an old movie poster or a travel ad from the past. These posters should fit your taste and the room’s color scheme. Hang them in simple frames to keep the focus on their design. To create a retro vibe, group them. This makes a bold statement. Or, mix them with modern pieces for a cool contrast. Vintage posters aren’t just decor. They’re conversation starters, full of history and charm.

5. Local Art

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Local Arts

Local art is unique. It’s not just about beauty. It’s about community and connection. Choosing art from local artists supports them. It also brings a piece of your community into your home. Look for art that reflects local landscapes, culture, or stories. This makes your gallery wall personal and a tribute to where you live. When you mix local art with your decor, it adds a unique touch. It tells a story – your story intertwined with that of your community. It’s a way to celebrate where you live and the artists who are part of it.

6. Mirrors


Mirrors are more than just for looking at yourself. They’re a clever decor trick. Different styles can change a room’s feel. A big, ornate mirror adds elegance. A row of small, round mirrors gives a modern touch. Think about where to place them. Mirrors opposite windows bring in more light. This makes your room look bigger and brighter. Try different placements to see where the light bounces best. Mirrors aren’t just practical. They’re magical. They transform light and space, creating a living room that feels larger and more inviting.

7. Textile Art

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Textile Ar

Textile art adds warmth and texture. Think woven hangings, quilts, or embroidered pieces. These add a soft, homey touch to your wall. When choosing, consider size and color. They should complement your room. Hang larger pieces as a focal point. Smaller ones can fill gaps in your gallery wall. Mix textures. A smooth quilt next to a rough tapestry creates interest. Use different hanging methods. Some textiles hang best on rods, others can be framed. This variety in texture and hanging style makes your gallery wall rich and inviting.

8. DIY Art

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-DIY Ar

DIY art is fun and personal. It can be anything you make. Paintings, collages, or even simple sketches. These pieces tell your story. They’re one of a kind, just like you. When making DIY art, think about your room’s colors. Create art that matches or contrasts nicely. Mix your DIY pieces with other types of art. This makes your gallery wall feel diverse and dynamic. DIY art is not just about the final look. It’s about the joy of creating something that’s all yours.

9. Inspirational Quotes

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Inspirational Quote

Inspirational quotes can uplift and motivate. Choose quotes that mean something to you. They can be famous sayings or something more personal. Frame these quotes in a way that highlights their message. Simple frames work best. They keep the focus on the words. Place these quotes where you’ll see them often, above your desk or near the door. Every time you see them, they’ll give you a little boost. Words have power. Use them to inspire and energize your space.

11. Black and White Photography

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Black and White Photograph

Black and white photos are timeless. They bring elegance to any room. Look for photos that grab your attention. It could be a cityscape, a quiet countryside, or a powerful portrait. These images stand out for their shades and contrasts. Hang them in frames that fit your room’s style. Black frames add drama. White or light wood frames keep it soft. Arrange them in a way that makes your eye move around. This creates a sophisticated look. Black and white photography is simple, yet it speaks volumes. It adds a classic touch to your living space.

12. Ceramic Plates and Plaques

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with Ceramic Plates and Plaques

Ceramic plates and plaques are a nod to tradition. They add color and pattern to your wall. When choosing, pick pieces that have something in common. It could be a color, a pattern, or a theme. Hang them with plate hangers to keep them secure. Mix in different sizes for interest. You can arrange them in a line, a circle, or randomly. It’s up to you. Ceramics can blend with modern pieces, too. They bring a touch of old-world charm to a contemporary setting. It’s all about balance and harmony in your decor.

13. Small Shelves

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Small Shelves

Small shelves add depth to your gallery wall. They let you display more than just flat art. Think of small sculptures, plants, or keepsakes. These items bring your gallery wall to life. They make it more than just pictures—place shelves at different heights for a dynamic look. Keep the items small and in harmony with the rest of your wall. This way, they stand out but don’t overwhelm. Shelves are a way to add a new dimension to your decor. They turn your wall into a living part of your home.

13. Children’s Artwork


Children’s artwork brings joy and color. Frame their drawings or paintings. It shows them their work is valuable. Use colorful frames to highlight their art. Mix these pieces with your other wall decor. It adds a playful and personal touch. Arrange them at a lower height. This way, kids can see and enjoy their creations. Making a space for kids’ art turns your wall into a family gallery. It’s a fun way to celebrate creativity and make memories together.

14. Wall Decals

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-with-Wall Decals

Wall decals are easy and fun. They let you change your decor anytime. Choose decals that match your style. They can be quotes, patterns, or images. Applying them is simple. Just stick them on the wall. You can remove or replace them without damage. Use decals to add a fun element to your wall. Mix them with framed art or photos. This keeps your decor fresh and exciting. Wall decals are perfect for trying new trends without commitment.

15. Map Collection Displays

Mobile-Home-Home-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall-withMap Collection Displays

Maps are more than guides. They’re a window to the world. Choose maps that mean something to you. It could be places you’ve been or dream of going. Old maps add a vintage feel. Modern ones are sleek and colorful. Arrange them in a way that draws the eye across the world. You can group them by region or mix them up. Maps make your room look worldly and adventurous. They inspire dreams and conversations. Displaying maps is like hanging stories on your wall. It’s a way to travel without leaving home.


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