19 Mobile Home Living Room Fireplace Decor Ideas

Transforming your mobile home’s fireplace isn’t just about aesthetics but crafting a soulful story. Every piece you select, every texture you touch, it all matters. Think of your fireplace as more than just a warmth source. It’s a canvas. A stage for memorable nights, hushed conversations, and belly laughs. Ready to turn that blank slate into a scene-stealer? Dive into our curated list of fireplace decor ideas and watch your space come alive. Let’s ignite that spark!

Decorative Idea


Adds a warm, cozy touch.  Celebrates natural beauty and texture.

Enhances aesthetics with varied designs. Easy to clean and maintain.

Amplifies light, making the room brighter. Creates an illusion of more space.

Keeps decor fresh and timely. Allows creativity and versatility throughout the year.

Maximizes space usage.  Adds a contemporary touch.

Offers a rustic feel without need for fire. Creates a visual focal point.

Modernizes older brickwork.  Brightens up the space.

Provides warmth and ambiance. Can offer pleasant scents.

Enhances safety from stray embers. Adds a decorative touch.

Boosts lighting and mood. Complements fireplace aesthetics.

Handy for storage. Enhances a cozy and organized look.

Brings in a touch of nature.  Improves air quality.

Creates a visual centerpiece. Personalizes the space.

Adds texture and color.  Protects the floor from embers and ash.

Incorporates unique character. Celebrates past eras.

Adds depth and interest. Encourages creative expression.

Provides a natural, durable look. Enhances fireplace longevity.

Makes the space uniquely yours. Evokes personal memories and feelings.

Draws attention to the fireplace. Adds drama and contrast.

1. Rustic Wooden Mantel

Mobile Home Fireplace with Rustic Wooden Mantel

Imagine walking into a cozy cabin. What’s the first thing you see? That’s right—a stunning fireplace proudly crowned by a wooden mantel. There’s something about wood, with its natural imperfections and grain patterns, that whispers tales of old forests and homesteads. Now, picture that in your mobile home.

Let’s break it down.

Firstly, why “rustic?” Rustic means it’s rugged, aged, and oozes authenticity. These aren’t your polished, store-bought beams. These are reclaimed. Think barn doors and old beams. There’s history in that wood!

Now, placement. Right above your fireplace, it sits like a trophy shelf. But it’s more than just décor. It’s the stage for your memories. Your favorite reads, vintage finds, and even that vase you picked up from a garage sale get their moment in the spotlight.

And the best part? It’s versatile. Summer calls for fresh flowers. Fall? Perhaps a line of scented candles or a spooky Halloween ornament. Winter? Stockings, of course!

Remember: This mantel is not just wood. It’s your home’s character. It’s the stories you tell and the ones you’re about to create.

2. Tiled Surround

Tiled Surround

Picture this: You’re cozied on your couch, sipping your favorite drink. Your eyes wander to your fireplace. It’s not just the flickering flames catching your eye—those tiles!

Now, why tiles? Well, tiles are like the little black dress of home decor. Timeless, chic, and oh-so-versatile. And the surround? That’s your fireplace’s runway.

So, here’s the magic of tiles.

Colors? Endless. You can go bold with bright blues or stay subtle with earthy tones. Patterns? Oh, the patterns! Geometric, floral, abstract—there’s one for every mood.

Imagine Moroccan-inspired tiles. They instantly teleport you to a far-off land right from your living room. Or maybe classic subway tiles for that sleek city vibe.

But wait, there’s more! Tiles aren’t just pretty; they’re practical. Easy to clean, heat-resistant, and durable. A win-win, right?

Now, the fun part is arranging them. Horizontal for a broad look or vertical to add height. Maybe a mix? The world’s your oyster!

In a nutshell? A tiled surround is your fireplace’s best friend. It adds that ‘oomph’ and style without trying too hard.

3. Mirror Above the Mantel

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-with-Mirror Above the Mantel

Imagine walking into a room and feeling it double in size. Magic? Nope. It’s the mirror above the mantel. That’s the trick!

Here’s the scoop.

The mirror isn’t just for checking your hair. It’s a room’s secret weapon. It takes in light, bounces it around, and voilà! The room feels brighter, larger, and airier.

But wait, let’s talk design. Round or rectangular? Vintage gold frame or sleek modern black? The choices can be dizzying, but oh, the thrill of the hunt!

Think of that mirror as your room’s superstar. It reflects your style—literally. Maybe it’s a chunky wooden frame for that rustic feel. Or perhaps an ornate, gilded one for some royal vibes.

Location, location, location! Above the mantel, it reigns supreme. It complements the fireplace and becomes the room’s focal point. And when those candles flicker? The mirror captures every glint and glow.

Have you ever tried mirror selfies? You’ll see, your guests will be tempted. It’s not vanity; it’s the charm of that perfectly placed mirror!

A mirror above the mantel isn’t just decor—drama, style, and a dash of illusion.

4. Seasonal Displays

Seasonal Displays

Next up, let’s unravel the magic of “Seasonal Displays.” Have you ever walked into a room and felt the season before even glancing outside? That’s the magic trick of seasonal displays. With every calendar change, your mantel can don a new look!

First off, let’s talk spring. Fresh buds, pastel candles, and little nests. Birds might just mistake your mantel for the outdoors! Ah, the vibrancy of new beginnings.

Then comes summer. Think seashells, driftwood, and sun-kissed ceramics. Every glance at your fireplace is like a mini beach vacation. Can you hear the waves yet?

Next? Fall. It’s all about those warm colors. Pumpkins, dried leaves, and cinnamon sticks. Maybe throw in some amber fairy lights. It’s like a cozy hug from Mother Nature herself.

And lastly, winter. Sparkling snowflakes, pinecones, and stockings eagerly awaiting Santa. Paired with a roaring fire below? It’s a winter wonderland, minus the chill.

5. Floating Shelves

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-and Floating Shelves

Next on our decor journey, let’s dive into the world of “Floating Shelves.”

Ever glanced at a wall and thought, “It’s missing something?” Enter floating shelves. Sleek, modern, and oh-so-functional. They’re like the superheroes of wall decor—saving spaces from the clutches of blandness!

First, the “floating” bit. No clunky brackets, no visible supports. Just clean lines and pure magic. It’s like they’re defying gravity!

Then, the fun part—dressing them up. Photos, plants, books? The choices are endless. Each shelf becomes a stage, a tiny world you curate. Think of them as bite-sized galleries of your favorite things.

Next, the practical side. Need extra storage? Floating shelves to the rescue. Organize without the bulk. Your trinkets, treasures, and even kitchen spices find a chic home.

Now, placement: Above the couch, beside the bed, or framing that fireplace. They can go solo or in groups. Stagger them for flair, or line them up for symmetry. The wall’s your canvas!

Lastly, let’s chat materials. Sleek black for a modern vibe? Warm wood for rustic charm? Maybe glossy white for a clean look. Your pick, your style.

6. Stacked Logs

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-with-Stacked Logs

Next on our list of mobile home fireplace ideas is the Stacked Logs. Picture this: A chilly evening, hot cocoa in hand, and a fireplace bursting with warmth. But wait! No flames? No problem. Enter the magic of stacked logs.

First up, the look. Rustic, earthy, and oh-so-authentic. Each log, with its unique bark and rings, tells a story. Even if they’re just for show, they scream “cozy cabin vibes.”

Now, the stacking. Not just a haphazard pile. Think of it as log art. Horizontal stacks, vertical towers, or a mix of both. It’s like building a woodland puzzle in your living room.

Next, let’s talk about types. Birch for that snowy white bark? Pine for that delightful scent? Or aged oak for rugged charm? Each choice paints a different picture.

But here’s the twist. These logs aren’t just for looks. They’re conversation starters. Guests might ask, “Planning a fire tonight?” Chuckle and let them in on the secret: It’s all about the aesthetic!

Lastly, the finishing touch. Maybe a rustic log holder to frame them. Or a few fairy lights weaving through for a twinkling starry effect. Magic, right?

In short, stacked logs transform a dormant fireplace. They’re a wink to tradition, a nod to nature, and a big hug of hominess.

7. Painted Brick

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-Painted Brick

Why paint those bricks? Change! Sometimes, our space needs a little shake-up. Think of painted brick as a mini facelift for your room.

Now, color choices. Sure, white’s the star of the show. It’s like a breath of fresh air—brightening and modernizing in a snap. But hey, who said you can’t experiment? Soft grays, deep blues, or muted pink can be game-changers.

Here’s the fun part. Painting isn’t just slapping on color. It’s a transformation journey. Grab a brush, choose a playlist, and maybe invite a friend. Before you know it, those old bricks turn into a canvas of possibility.

Are you worried about missing the old brick look? Don’t be! That texture still pops, even with paint. It’s the best of both worlds: the charm of brick with a fresh twist.

In a nutshell? Painted brick is like giving your fireplace a trendy makeover. It’s bold, it’s fun, and most of all, it’s uniquely you.

8. Candles Galore

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-with Candles

The candles are like little mood-makers. Each flame adds warmth, romance, and even a touch of drama. Perfect for those of us who aren’t up for a full-blown fire.

Let’s talk variety. Tall candles, short ones, chunky, or slim—mix and match for that wow factor. And scent? Oh, the possibilities! Vanilla, lavender, or maybe a hint of cinnamon. The room doesn’t just glow; it smells heavenly.

Now, the arrangement. It’s like setting a stage. Cluster some together, and let a few stand tall. The more, the merrier. As they burn, shadows play, lights dance, and the ambiance? Simply enchanting.

But wait! Safety first. Ensure the candles are stable and away from flammable stuff, and never leave them unattended. Safe can be stylish, too!

Candles galore is your fireplace’s alternate destiny. It’s a feast for the senses, a delightful detour from the traditional.

9. Fireplace Screen

Fireplace Screen

A screen is not just a pretty face; it’s your fireplace’s bodyguard.

Think designs. From intricate wrought iron to sleek modern mesh, the choices are endless. Vintage vibe? Go for gold with ornate details. More contemporary? Clean lines and matte black might be your jam.

But here’s the best part: transformation. A fireplace screen isn’t just an accessory; it’s an instant room revamp. Pop one in, and bam! Your space has a fresh look.

Now, let’s talk fit. Size matters. Ensure it covers the opening but still lets that fire shine. And don’t forget the theme. Harmonize with your room. Vintage, boho, minimalist—let your screen echo your style.

To sum it up, a fireplace screen is like the finishing touch on a masterpiece. It adds flair, ensures safety, and shouts ‘design genius.

10. Wall Sconces

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-with Wall Sconces

Sconces are the jewelry for your walls. They don’t just light up; they dress up. Picture them: Twin guardians standing tall on either side of the fireplace. Symmetry? Check! That’s instant elegance, my friend.

But here’s where the fun begins: styles. Sleek modern metal? Got it. Ornate, vintage charm? Sure thing. Maybe a touch of industrial chic? Why not!

And it’s not just about the look. Feel that ambiance shift? Soft, indirect lighting from sconces creates mood, depth, and layers. Sconces set the tone for a movie night, romantic dinner, or a quiet evening with a book.

Lastly, a quick tip: placement. Not too high, not too low. Just at eye level, creating a perfect glow.

11. Baskets


Baskets are the perfect blend of style and substance. Think of them as the cozy corners’ best friends.

Imagine this: A woven basket, each thread telling a story, nestled beside your fireplace. Its contents? Soft, plush blankets, ready to wrap you in warmth.

But it’s not just about function. It’s a look! A basket whispers homeliness, a touch of the farmhouse right in your space.

The best part? Options galore. Pick one that sings to your style: tall, short, wicker, wire. And those blankets? Go wild. Chunky knits, soft cashmere, or vibrant throws—let them spill out a bit. It’s all part of the charm.

12. Planters


Planters by your fireplace are like a nature retreat in your living room. They add life, vibe, and a touch of the wild.

Consider succulents. Small, mighty, and oh-so-cute! They’re like the resilient superheroes of the plant world. Needing little, giving lots. Their message? Thrive on!

But it doesn’t stop there. Pop them in a quirky planter. Ceramic, metallic, or even rustic wood. It’s like giving your plant a trendy home.

Positioning is key. On the hearth, they add a grounded feel. On the mantel? They’re like nature’s crown, overlooking your space.

Best part? They’re low maintenance. A little water, a dash of sunlight, and voilà! Your fireplace turns into a mini garden sanctuary.

13. Statement Art

Statement Art

Statement art is like the fireworks of room design. It draws eyes, drops jaws, and delights senses.

Imagine A sweeping landscape, a modern abstract, or a vintage portrait. Each brushstroke, each hue, telling tales, setting moods.

And size? Go big. Let it dominate, captivate, and fascinate. Why? Because a grand piece above the mantel makes everything come alive. It’s like giving your room a voice, a statement to shout.

But here’s the fun twist: Make it personal. Pick something that resonates with you. It’s not just decor; it’s a slice of your soul, framed and displayed.

14. Fireplace Rugs

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-with-Fireplace Rugs

Fireplace rugs are the unsung stars of decor. They ground the space, uplift the mood, and throw in a dose of sparkle.

It’s like the cozy embrace your fireplace never knew it needed. Warmth on warmth. Plus, that pop of design? It’s pure magic.

Envision it: Rich patterns, vibrant hues, or maybe subtle and muted. Every rug tells a story, and every thread weaves a tale.

And it’s not just about the eyes. Feel that softness underfoot? It’s like a mini-retreat for your toes. Ah, the luxury!

Now, size and shape? Get playful! A long runner stretches out, leading you in. A circular rug? It’s like a spotlight for your fireplace. Pick what sings to your heart, what matches your room’s rhythm.

15. Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds

Vintage finds are the soul-touchers. They’re your home’s link to the past, a bridge to bygone eras. It’s like adding a chapter of an old storybook to your decor.

Think about this: a quaint flea market find, each scratch and mark telling tales. Or a thrift shop gem waiting for its second act in your home.

But the true beauty? It’s in the imperfections. The faded colors, the worn-out edges. They scream character. They shout authenticity.

Place them by your fireplace, and let them be the room’s storytellers. Every guest will be intrigued; every glance will carry a hint of wonder.

16. Layered Look

Layered Look

Layering is like jazz for your mantel. It’s spontaneous, soulful, and oh-so-stylish. It’s about stacking memories, moments, and moods. Think of it as your mantel’s 3D movie, filled with characters and stories.

Imagine a tall vase, then a short one. A photo from last summer beside a vintage family snap. Each item has its voice yet harmonizes in a beautiful chorus.

But here’s the golden rule: Mix and match! Play with heights, textures, and colors. Create contrast. The aim? Surprise and delight at every layer.

Feeling a bit daring? Tilt a frame, overlap a little, and let the layers talk to each other. It’s all about creating that ‘collected over time’ feel.

17. Stonework


The stonework is the natural armor your fireplace deserves. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s the call of the wild right in your living room.

It’s like draping your fireplace in nature’s finest attire. Think of it as giving your cozy corner a wild, outdoorsy twist.

Picture this: layers of stone veneer, each piece with its tale from the heart of the earth. Or perhaps stacked stone, standing proud, like nature’s soldiers guarding the flames.

The texture? Oh, it’s a feast for the fingers and eyes. Rough and rustic, it’s authenticity at its finest. And the colors? It’s a palette crafted by time, from earthy browns to cool grays.

But here’s the charm: It’s versatile. Whether your home screams modern chic or whispers cottage cozy, stonework fits. It’s like that favorite pair of timeless, comfy, perfect jeans.

18. Personal Touches

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-with Personal Touches

Personal touches are the heartbeats of decor. They breathe life and infuse love. It’s all about stitching memories into the décor and making your fireplace warm and soulful.

Imagine that little trinket from your backpacking adventure. Or Grandma’s vintage clock ticking away memories. Every item is a chapter of your journey.

And it’s not just about the past. These pieces? They spark conversations. “Oh, this vase? Picked it up in Greece!” Suddenly, the fireplace corner is the chat hotspot.

The best part? It’s ever-changing. New trip, new token. A growing family, another heirloom. It’s the fireplace that lives, laughs, and evolves with you.

19. Accent Wall

Accent Wall

Accent walls are the zest in the decor lemonade. They’re bold, they’re beautiful. And with that fireplace in front? Pure perfection.

It’s like setting a stage for your fireplace. A spotlight, but for walls. The aim? Make that fireplace the room’s superstar.

Think about this: A sassy red paint or a whimsical wallpaper with peacocks. Instant transformation, right? The kind of change makes guests say, “Wow!”

But it’s not just about the visuals. It’s a mood-setter. Cool blues for calm vibes or vibrant yellows for cheerful days. Your pick, your emotion.

And the bonus? Flexibility! Tired of a color? Swap it out. New season, new wallpaper. It’s a revolving door of style, with your fireplace at the heart of it.

Safety Tips

Mobile-Home-Fireplace-Safety Tips

Safety is the foundation, the bedrock. Think of it as the unsung hero behind every show-stopping fireplace.

First up, those lovely materials we adore? Some can be real fire magnets. So, when jazzing up the space, always check if your decor is flame-resistant. That lush throw pillow? Make sure it’s a safe distance from the flames. And those vintage paperbacks? Better on a shelf than near sparks.

Remember the screen? It’s not just a pretty face! A good fireplace screen does double duty: a style icon and a shield against stray embers. Win-win!

Kids and pets? Bless their curious hearts. Keep an eye out. Maybe even consider a safety gate if the little ones are real explorers.

Logs in the fireplace? Ensure they’re stable. No one wants a log rolling out during a heart-to-heart chat or a binge-watching marathon.

Lastly, just a heads-up: Regular fireplace check-ups? Totally a thing. And it’s worth it. It keeps everything in tip-top shape and ensures you’re only burning what you mean to.

So there you have it. A mix of style, fun, and safety smarts. When the two go hand in hand, you’re all set for cozy nights, with peace of mind as your plus one. Stay fabulous, stay safe!