How Much Vinyl Siding Do I Need for a 16×80 Mobile Home?

How Much Vinyl Siding Do I Need for a 16x80 Mobile Home

Are you revamping your 16×80 mobile home with new vinyl siding? That’s a smart move! Vinyl siding gives your mobile home a fresh, stylish look and offers durability and easy maintenance. But the big question is: How much do you need? For a 16×80 mobile home, you need approximately 1,870 square feet of vinyl siding. Let’s break this down.

Calculating Siding Needs for 16×80 Mobile Home.

Let’s play with some numbers and calculate precisely how much siding you need. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science – just some simple math!

The formula we’re using is a classic: Length x Height = Square Footage. This will give us the area of each wall. Let’s break it down with an example for your 16×80 mobile home.

Imagine your mobile home has a height of 10 feet. So, for each long side (80 feet), the calculation would be 80 feet (length) x 10 feet (height) = 800 square feet. For the shorter sides (16 feet), it’s 16 feet (length) x 10 feet (height) = 160 square feet.

But hold on. We have four walls, right? So, we calculate each wall’s area individually. Two long sides would be 800 square feet x 2 = 1,600 square feet, and two short sides would be 160 square feet x 2 = 320 square feet. Add them together, and you get a total of 1,920 square feet of wall area.

Now, remember those windows and doors we talked about earlier? Let’s say you have a door that’s 20 square feet and a couple of windows totaling 30 square feet. Subtract these from the total wall area (1,920 – 50 = 1,870 square feet).

So, there you have it: Your mobile home will need approximately 1,870 square feet of vinyl siding. This calculation ensures you have enough siding to cover your home without overbuying. 

16×80 Mobile Home Vinyl Siding Cost

To estimate the cost of approximately 1,870 square feet of vinyl siding, you must consider the price per square foot. The cost can vary widely based on factors like the quality and brand of the siding and any additional features like insulation or special textures. Depending on these factors, the price range for vinyl siding could be anywhere from $1 to $8 per square foot. 

Let’s calculate the cost using a lower-end, mid-range, and higher-end price point:

  1. Lower-end ($1 per square foot): 1,870 sq ft×$1=$1,8701,870 sq ft×$1=$1,870
  2. Mid-range ($4.50 per square foot, which is roughly the average): 1,870 sq ft×$4.50=$8,4151,870 sq ft×$4.50=$8,415
  3. Higher-end ($8 per square foot): 1,870 sq ft×$8=$14,9601,870 sq ft×$8=$14,960

These estimates give you a range to consider. Remember, these are rough figures, and actual prices can vary. It’s also important to factor in additional costs, such as trim pieces, nails, and any tools or equipment you might need for installation. Suppose you’re hiring a professional for installation. In that case, there will be labor costs as well, which can significantly impact the total cost.

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