8 Mobile Home Cedar Siding Ideas

Dive right into a world where style meets durability—welcome to the realm of cedar siding for mobile homes! There’s a certain charm, a unique character that cedar brings to the table. It transforms a mobile home into a rustic retreat, a cozy cabin, or a sleek, modern marvel. It’s not just about good looks, though. With its renowned durability and insulation properties, cedar siding is an all-rounder that’s hard to beat. So, buckle up. We’re about to explore why cedar siding could be your mobile home’s perfect match!

Cedar Siding for Mobile Homes

Advantages of Cedar Siding for Mobile Homes

When it comes to sprucing up your mobile home, cedar siding is like that versatile wardrobe staple—always in style, incredibly durable, and makes everything look better!

  • Aesthetic appeal

Let’s start with the obvious—cedar is a stunner! Its rich, warm tones and striking wood grain create an ambiance that’s as inviting as a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night. And guess what? It doesn’t fade into the background with time. Instead, cedar ages with grace, its beauty becoming even more pronounced as it weathers.

  • Durability 

But cedar siding isn’t just about making your mobile home the belle of the ball. It’s also about standing firm when the going gets tough. Cedar is like that trusty sidekick that stays by your side, rain or shine. It resists decay, withstands harsh weather, and is naturally resistant to pests. That’s one tough cookie!

  • Insulation

And then there’s cedar’s knack for keeping you comfy. It’s an excellent insulator, working hard to keep your home toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Imagine being able to dial up the comfort while dialing down the energy bills!

Sure, cedar siding requires a bit more TLC than some other siding materials. Still, when you weigh that against the curb appeal, durability, and insulation benefits, it’s a trade-off many homeowners are happy to make. So, who’s ready to give their mobile home a cedar siding makeover?

8 Cedar Siding Mobile Home Ideas

Cedar-Siding-Mobile-Home Ideas

Now that we’ve explored the why let’s dive into the what. Cedar siding isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal—it comes in various styles to suit your tastes and your home’s needs. Here’s a list of some types of cedar siding that you could consider for a mobile home.

1. Cedar Shake Siding

Mobile Home Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar shake siding—imagine a charming mountain cottage nestled amidst the trees. That’s the heartwarming, cozy vibe cedar shake siding brings to your mobile home.

Each cedar shake is like a snowflake—unique in shape and size. Hand-split and beautifully uneven, they give your home’s exterior a rustic, textured look. This natural irregularity catches the light and plays with shadows, creating an effect as captivating as a crackling campfire.

The benefits? Beyond their obvious charm, cedar shakes are tough cookies. Like champions, they stand firm against harsh weather, resisting wind, rain, and snow. Not to mention, their thickness provides excellent insulation. Cedar shake siding is like a cozy wool sweater for your home!

As for the best use cases, if you’re a fan of character and charm. Or if your mobile home is nestled in a natural setting, cedar shake siding might be your perfect match. It blends seamlessly with landscapes, making your home look like it’s been there forever. 

2. Cedar Shingle Siding

Mobile Home Cedar Shingle Siding

Now, let’s turn our attention to cedar shingle siding. Think of it as the cedar shake’s more refined cousin.

Unlike shakes, cedar shingles are cut with a mechanical saw. It gives them a uniform, sleek look like a crisp, ironed shirt. They’re thinner than shakes, giving your mobile home a more streamlined appearance. And don’t forget that stunning wood grain! It’s as captivating as a carefully crafted piece of art.

In terms of benefits, cedar shingle siding shares the shake’s durability. It stands up to the elements with ease and offers excellent insulation properties. Plus, the thinner profile can make your home appear larger—a neat little design trick!

Best use cases? If you love the look of wood but prefer a modern twist, cedar shingle siding is a fabulous choice. It’s perfect for giving your mobile home a fresh, contemporary look while keeping that connection to nature.

3. Cedar Lap Siding

Mobile Home with Cedar Lap Siding

Ready for a classic with a timeless appeal? Meet cedar lap siding, also known as clapboard. It’s the comfort food of siding—a tried and true favorite that never goes out of style.

Here’s the scoop—each board in cedar lap siding overlaps the one below it, creating a harmonious, horizontal pattern. This design is as functional as beautiful, channeling water away from your home like a well-orchestrated symphony.

What are the perks, you ask? Well, cedar lap siding is as sturdy as it is stylish. It can weather the seasons, holding up to wind, rain, and sun. Plus, it offers that excellent insulation we’ve come to love about cedar.

If you’ve got a soft spot for traditional charm, cedar lap siding is your best buddy. It suits any mobile home style, from quaint country abodes to sleek, modern domiciles. So, why not embrace the classics and give cedar lap siding a spin? It’s an old favorite for a reason!

4. Cedar Vertical Siding (Board and Batten)

Mobile Home with Cedar Vertical Siding

Alright, let’s switch gears and go vertical. Yes, you heard right—vertical! Welcome to the world of cedar board and batten siding, where traditional charm meets eye-catching design.

Imagine long, vertical cedar boards, their joints cleverly covered with narrower strips or battens. The result? A rhythmic pattern of wide and narrow, an architectural dance that draws the eye upward. It’s a style that’s bold, distinctive, and just a bit playful.

The benefits? Like its cedar siblings, board and batten siding is a heavyweight champ regarding weather resistance and insulation. Plus, its vertical orientation can make your mobile home seem taller—talk about a design power move!

So, where do cedar board and batten siding shine? This style is a perfect match if your home is nestled in a wooded lot or you enjoy that rustic, farmhouse aesthetic. It’s also a great choice if you want to make a design statement that stands out from the crowd. 

5. Cedar Bevel Siding

Mobile Home with Cedar Bevel Siding

Ever met a siding that’s got a touch of the dramatic? Allow me to introduce cedar bevel siding. It’s got style, character, and a unique flair that can turn your mobile home into a showstopper!

Cedar bevel siding is all about angles. Each board is milled to be thicker on one edge and thinner on the other. When installed, these boards overlap, creating an eye-catching shadow line effect. It’s like having your sunset across your home, with light and shadow playing across the facade.

The benefits? Cedar bevel siding brings cedar’s perks: durability, weather resistance, and top-notch insulation. Plus, that intriguing shadow line effect adds depth and interest to your exterior, taking curb appeal up a notch—or three!

If you love a touch of drama and want a look that sets your mobile home apart, cedar bevel siding is a brilliant choice. It pairs beautifully with various home styles, from classic to contemporary.

6. Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding

Mobile Home with Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding

For those who appreciate the snug fit of a puzzle piece, let’s take a closer look at cedar tongue and groove siding. This siding option epitomizes perfect harmony—all about pieces fitting together just right.

Each cedar plank in this style has a ‘tongue’ on one edge and a ‘groove’ on the other. When installed, the tongue of one plank fits snugly into the groove of the next. The result? A seamless, continuous surface that’s as pleasing as a beautifully composed melody.

What’s in it for you? Cedar tongue and groove siding offer the classic benefits of cedar—strong, durable, and weather-resistant, with fantastic insulation. But there’s more! The tight fit of the tongue and groove design helps create a solid barrier against the elements.

Who’s it for? Cedar tongue and groove siding are versatile—it’s as much at home on a contemporary, minimalist mobile home as on a rustic, countryside dwelling. If you love clean lines and appreciate the charm of cedar, this style is a winning choice.

7. Cedar Channel Rustic Siding

Cedar Channel Rustic Siding Mobile Home

Let’s walk on the rustic side with cedar channel rustic siding, a style that’s got the heart of a countryside retreat.

Think about it—imagine deep, defined lines created by the overlapping pattern of the siding, giving your mobile home an added layer of texture and depth. Each piece of cedar channel rustic siding is milled to create a pronounced, shadow-creating channel at the overlap. It’s like the ebb and flow of a beautiful landscape right on your home’s exterior!

Why choose cedar channel rustic siding? Alongside the standard cedar benefits like durability, insulation, and weather resistance, this siding style gives your home a rugged, outdoorsy feel. Plus, those deep channels create eye-catching shadows that add instant curb appeal.

So, who’s it for? If you dream of a home that feels in tune with nature, cedar channel rustic siding could be your match made in heaven. It’s perfect for those who want to capture the essence of a log cabin or a mountain retreat.

8. Cedar Log Cabin Siding

Cedar Log Cabin Mobile Home Siding

Get ready to bring the charm of a mountainside retreat to your doorstep with cedar log cabin siding. It’s about embracing the beauty of the great outdoors, all without leaving the comfort of your mobile home.

Here’s the scoop: cedar log cabin siding mimics the look of full log construction. We’re talking about rounded, robust cedar planks that make your home look crafted from freshly cut logs. It’s like stepping into a woodland wonderland every time you come home!

So, why choose cedar log cabin siding? It brings all the cedar goodies: strength, durability, and fantastic insulation. Plus, that enchanting, rustic appeal transforms your mobile home into a cozy cabin retreat.

And who’s the perfect fit? If you love rustic charm and dream of living in a log cabin, this style lets you bring that dream to life. So, fancy a taste of cabin life? Cedar log cabin siding is ready to turn your mobile home into a forest hideaway!

Considerations Before Choosing Cedar Siding 

Choosing Cedar Siding for Mobile Homes

Choosing cedar siding for your mobile home is like deciding on a new hairstyle—it’s exciting, but there are a few things you’ve got to think about before you take the plunge.

  • Maintenance

First up, there’s maintenance. Cedar is natural and gorgeous, but just like your backyard garden, it needs a little care to keep it looking its best. Regular cleaning and sealing can help your cedar siding resist the elements and stay beautiful for years. Picture it like a spa day for your home!

  • Costs

Then, let’s talk about costs. Cedar siding can be more of an investment upfront than other materials, like vinyl siding. But here’s the thing—its durability and insulation benefits can make it a cost-effective choice in the long run. It’s like buying a good pair of boots; you might spend more at the outset, but they’ll last you season after season.

  • Climate

Finally, you’ve got to consider your climate. Cedar stands up well to many types of weather. Still, it may need more care to prevent moisture-related issues in highly humid environments. It’s a bit like choosing the right outfit for the weather; you’ve got to consider the local conditions.

Remember, every home is unique, just like you! So, take a moment, weigh these considerations, and decide if cedar siding fits your mobile home.


Our grand tour of cedar siding for mobile homes has ended. From cedar shakes to tongue and groove, each style has a unique charm, like different characters. When deciding which cedar siding to use for your mobile home, it’s important to consider the look you want, the climate where you live, and the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Always consult a professional to ensure the siding is installed correctly and lasts many years.


Is cedar siding a good choice for mobile homes?

Absolutely! Cedar siding is known for its durability, natural beauty, and excellent insulation properties. It can add a stylish, natural look to your mobile home, offering practical benefits.

Does cedar siding require a lot of maintenance?

Like any wood product, cedar siding requires maintenance to keep it looking its best. It can include periodic cleaning, resealing or staining, and checking for any signs of wear and tear. However, with regular care, cedar siding can stay beautiful and functional for many years.

Can I install cedar siding myself, or do I need a professional?

Installing cedar siding can be a DIY project if you’re handy and have the right tools. However, for the best results and to ensure the siding is properly installed, you might consider hiring a professional.

What type of cedar siding is best for my mobile home?

The “best” cedar siding type depends on your style and desired look for your mobile home. Cedar shake and shingle siding give a rustic, traditional look. In contrast, lap or bevel siding can offer a more modern appeal.

How long does cedar siding last on a mobile home?

With proper installation and regular maintenance, cedar siding can last for decades. It’s a long-term investment that can add value and beauty to your mobile home for many years.

Is cedar siding expensive?

Cedar siding can be more expensive than some other types of siding due to the quality and durability of the material. However, many homeowners find that the beauty, longevity, and insulation benefits of cedar siding make it worth the investment.

Can I paint or stain my cedar siding?

Yes, cedar siding takes well to both paint and stain. It allows you to customize the color and finish to match your desired aesthetic. Just remember, any added color will require periodic maintenance to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.