1960 Mobile Home Exterior Remodel Ideas

Mobile homes from the 1960s have their unique charm. Back then, they focused on simple designs and practicality. Most had small windows, aluminum siding, and compact floor plans. They were homes people could afford and move easily.

But times change, and so do our needs. Updating an older mobile home can be a smart move. It gives you a modern look and feel while improving comfort. It can also boost the home’s value. So, let’s dive into some smart remodel ideas.

1. Embracing Modern Outdoor Living

1960 Mobile Home Exterior Remodel Ideas

Adding a multi-level deck to your mobile home can do wonders. It’s like giving yourself a brand-new room, but outside. You can step out and enjoy the sun, have a barbecue, or just chill with a book. Plus, if it’s multi-level, you’ve got options. Maybe a lower level for dining and an upper level for the views.

Mobile-Home-Rooftop Decks

Rooftop decks? They’re a game-changer. Up there, you’re in your world. It’s perfect for morning coffee or star-gazing at night. And it’s not just any space – it’s your private escape.

When you pick out furniture, think comfy and chic. Go for pieces that invite you to sit down and stay awhile. You want it to look good, sure. But it’s more important that it feels good.

2. Material Matters

1960 Mobile-Home-Decks

Now, composite decking is a smart pick. Why? It lasts ages without much fuss. No splinters, less warping, and you don’t have to paint it all the time. It might cost more initially, but it pays off down the line.

Then there’s the railing. Metal railings shine when it comes to lasting power and a sleek look. Wood gives you that classic feel, but it needs more love to keep it looking fresh.

3. Aesthetic Upgrades


Picking the right colors for your mobile home can be fun. You want a palette that makes you smile whenever you visit your home. Soft neutrals can give it a modern touch. Or maybe you prefer bold shades that pop. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your style.

Textures add another layer to the mix. With siding, you can go smooth for a clean look or grooved for some shadow play on your home’s walls. It’s all about creating depth and interest.

Skirting is like the finishing touch on a well-dressed home. It covers up the underparts and ties everything together. Plus, it can be a neat contrast or a smooth match to your primary color.

4. Landscaping for Curb Appeal

1960-mobile-home-Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Plants can turn a plain yard into a lush retreat. Pick ones that keep their color all year, so there’s something cheerful to look at even in winter. Evergreens or berry bushes could be just the thing.

Do you have a small space? No problem. Vertical gardens or container plants can fit just about anywhere. They punch up the green without needing a big lawn.

Hardscaping is more than just walkways. Think about a cute patio or decorative stones. These elements stay put all year and keep your yard looking sharp. Plus, they cut down on mowing, which is always nice.

5. Safety and Accessibility

1960-Mobile-Home-Safety and Accessibility

When you’re building decks and stairs, safety comes first. Make sure those railings are sturdy, and the stairs are even. Good lighting can prevent trips at night, and slip-resistant materials are a must for when it rains.

Now, think about everyone who might visit. Ramps can make life easier if stairs are a no-go. Handrails help, too. And why not have wide doorways? They’re welcoming for wheelchairs and strollers alike.

6. Updating Windows and Doors

1960-Mobile-Home-Updating Windows and Doors

Windows do more than let light in. Modern ones can save you cash on heating and cooling. They keep the heat out when it’s hot and in when it’s cold. Plus, they’re tough against noise. It’s a clear win-win.

And doors are more than just entrances. They’re like your home’s handshake. Upgrade to a sturdy, stylish door, and you’re saying, ‘Hello world, look how good I look!’ Whether a bright color or a classic wood, a new door makes your home feel welcoming and new.

7. Energy Efficiency and Insulation

1960-Mobile-Home-Energy Efficiency and Insulation

A solid roof over your head does more than keep out the rain. Insulating it right keeps your home cozy and cuts down on bills. It’s like wrapping your home in a warm blanket.

Solar panels aren’t just for big houses. They can work on mobile homes, too. They sip on sunlight and can slash your electric bill. Plus, you’re being kind to the planet.

Skirting isn’t just pretty; it can seal in warmth. Choose materials that fend off the cold; your feet will thank you. It’s another layer to keep the chill-out and the cozy in.

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