Chic and Stylish Design of a 1959 Mobile Home Remodel

Think about a home that takes you back in time but still feels fresh and modern. That’s what you get with a 1959 mobile home. These homes are unique. They have a style that reminds you of the past. At the same time, they fit right into today’s world. This blend of old and new makes them stand out. You get the best of both worlds. It’s like stepping into history without giving up the comforts of today. This mobile home has a charm that’s hard to find anywhere else.



Take a look at this cool 1959 mobile home exterior! It’s a style that mixes old-school charm with a fresh look—the roof curves in a way that was all the rage back in the ’50s. Plus, the white sides of the home are super smooth and easy to keep clean – just like they made them back in the day.

You’ll spot the fun fence made of metal sheets right up front. They’re painted in bright colors like teal, red, and even shades of grey. It makes the place pop! The fence isn’t just fun; it gives off a cool, artsy vibe.


There’s wood here, too – check out the fence posts and the red carport roof. They bring a bit of nature right to your doorstep and make the whole place feel cozy. That pergola isn’t just for looks; it gives you shade to chill out under.

The patio is set up just right for hanging out or having friends over. It’s got comfy chairs, and the floor is tiled, which means it’s tough and a breeze to clean.


The garden is simple but looks great. Palm trees make you think of a sunny beach in California, and there’s a neat patch of grass and some easy-care plants.

All in all, this home’s outside space is a winner. It shows off the cool style of the ’50s but has a bunch of modern twists that make it stand out.


This porch has a cozy and functional design that’s neat.

The porch floor looks like wood, but it’s probably something stronger that’s easy to take care of. It’s a reddish-brown that goes great with the house.

The fence around the porch really stands out. It’s made of wavy metal sheets in cool colors like teal, red, and grey, all held up by wooden posts. It gives you privacy and looks good, too. The roof matches the fence and keeps you dry and cool, sticking with that modern yet rustic style.


The place is set up for relaxing. It has comfy chairs made of rattan with soft blue pillows. The dark color of the chairs looks good with the floor and makes the place feel inviting.

There’s even a fan hanging from the ceiling to keep you cool. It’s attached to a wooden beam that matches the rest of the porch, mixing the outdoorsy feel with a modern touch.

This porch is a great little spot to sit back and enjoy the view, making it more than just a way into the house. It’s like your own little hangout for enjoying the outdoors.

Living Room

1959-Mobile-Home-Living-Room Design

The living room in this 1959 mobile home is a great mix of today’s comforts and smart design that makes the most of the space.

It’s a bright room, with plenty of light coming in from the outside and the inside. The ceiling is simple and white, which makes the room feel bigger. Plus, a ceiling fan keeps the air moving, which is a big plus in a small space.

The floor changes as you move from the living room to the kitchen. It goes from a wood-like floor to tiles. This not only looks good but also makes it clear where each area starts and ends. And those kitchen tiles? They’re a snap to clean.

1959-Mobile-Home-Living Room

On the left, there’s a little bathroom. The door is open, and you can see it’s got everything you need without wasting any space.

The kitchen’s got all the modern gear, like a big fridge and a stove. There are also these cool red lights hanging down that brighten up the place.

The living room has comfy furniture, including a sofa with a fun pattern. It faces the TV, making it the perfect spot to kick back. There are also plants around that add a bit of green and freshness to the room.


1959-Mobile-Home Kitchen

Take a look at this kitchen in a 1959 mobile home. It’s been updated in a way that keeps the old-school style but adds all the modern stuff you’d want.

The white and bright cabinets have lots of space to store your pots and pans. The handles and knobs look shiny, maybe like brushed metal, and they match the stainless steel fridge and stove. There’s even a microwave up top, which is super handy.

Check out the red lights hanging over the counter. They’re eye-catching and give you a good light to see what you’re chopping or mixing at the breakfast bar. Plus, the counter’s big enough for stools to fit under, so you can sit down for a quick bite or chat with someone while you cook.


The floor keeps up with the same wood-like look from the living room, making everything flow together. And on the right, this cool wood paneling gives off a warm, retro feel.

There’s a window over the sink, too, so you can get some fresh air and sunlight while you do the dishes. The blinds let you adjust the light or keep things private, and the wood around the window ties in with the paneling.

This kitchen does a great job of mixing looks with how well it works, making it a cozy spot for cooking and hanging out, even when you don’t have much room.


1959-Mobile-Home Bedroom

This 1959 mobile home bedroom has a warm and homey feel thanks to all the wood.

The floor has this wood-style laminate that’s tough and easy to clean. The walls have light wood panels that make the whole room look smooth and put together.

Look up, and you’ll see the ceiling’s got darker wood, which makes a nice contrast and adds some depth. A simple light up there gives off a soft glow, just like in the old days.

1959-Mobile-Home-Bedroom Design

The big mirror in the closet is smart. It makes the room look bigger by bouncing light around, and it’s perfect for checking out your outfit.

The windows have dark covers that go well with the light walls. They’re good for keeping the room dark when you want to sleep. The covers are pretty short, so the windows aren’t huge, but that’s how they save space for more important stuff in mobile homes. And there’s plenty of storage, with cabinets up top for everything.

First Bathroom

First Bathroom

This is the first bathroom in a 1959 mobile home that’s been spruced up for today’s living.

The walls are lit with light blue tiles that make the place feel fresh and open. The shower’s got a clear glass door that makes the room look even bigger, and there’s a cool line of darker blue tiles for a bit of zing.

Above the sink, there’s a mirror with many lights around it so you can see yourself. The sink cabinet’s modern with a wood look, and it’s got space underneath for your towels and stuff. The top of the sink is this lovely, sturdy kind that’s a snap to wipe down.

Over to the left, they’ve managed to fit in a washer and dryer on top of each other, which is super practical when you don’t have a lot of room. This smart update makes life a lot easier.

The toilet’s tucked in next to the laundry, with the toilet paper right where you need it. And a plain light on the ceiling lights up the whole bathroom just right.

Second Bathroom

1959-Mobile-Home Second Bathroom

The second bathroom in the old 1959 mobile home is all about being handy and straightforward. It mixes a bit of the old with some new touches.

You’ve got the walls split into two colors. It’s all white, and this nice wood trim around the ceiling stands out. The tub and shower combo has this retro peach look that you don’t see much anymore. It’s got that 1950s vibe all over it.

The toilet looks newer, showing off some changes they’ve made here. It’s white, which shows up next to the peach tub. They’ve been updating bits and pieces over time.

Over on the right, there’s a wooden cabinet with a cool sink that sits right on top. It’s a style you see more nowadays. The tap looks new, too. And they have these little tiles behind the sink that spice up the place with some pattern.

The mirror’s big and stretches across the wall, making the bathroom feel bigger. A light above it with a fun, beachy shade makes the whole place feel more laid back.

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