Modernizing a 1979 Mobile Home

Vintage mobile homes hold a unique charm. Think of a 1979 mobile home; you might picture a cozy, compact space full of memories. But it’s also ripe for a modern touch. These homes are like blank canvases, waiting for new colors, textures, and life. They offer a unique chance to mix the old with the new, creating a home that’s not just stylish but also full of character. With a few updates here and there, you can transform a dated space into a modern, comfy home that shines with potential. Let’s dive in!


1979 Mobile Home Exterior

Take a look at this neat 1979 mobile home. It’s a true blast from the past. These homes were built long and flat so you could move them easily. The roof is flat, too. That’s how they made them back then, but it could mean more work when it rains.

The walls are metal, which was all the rage back then for being tough and easy to look after. They have a fresh coat of blue paint with crisp white edges that keep the home up-to-date and cool when the sun blazes.

1979-Mobile-Home-Exterior Steps

To get inside, there’s a sturdy set of steps with a handy rail to keep you safe. There’s even a metal cover to keep you dry when it’s raining or snowing. Out front, there’s a cozy spot with a table and chairs, perfect for sipping a cold drink or enjoying a meal outside.

1979-Mobile-Home-Exterior-table and chairs

The windows aren’t huge, which is typical for older mobile homes. They’ve got cute shutters, which help keep things cool inside. Next to the door, there’s a light so you can see where you’re going at night.

Around the house, there’s just some gravel and a few pots with plants. It looks nice without being a lot of work.

Living Room

1979-Mobile-Home-Living Room

Check out this cozy living room from a 1979 mobile home. It’s designed to make the most of the snug space.

It has two soft, blue-gray couches that feel like a hug. They’re decked out with fun pillows to add some zing and set up for great chats and hangouts.

The windows sport plain white curtains that let in a bunch of light, making the room feel bigger and brighter. That’s a neat trick since windows in these homes used to be pretty small. The walls have this calming green paneling, making the whole place feel like a comfy hideaway.

1979-Mobile-Home-Living-Room Couch

There’s this nifty little table with a lamp for when you need to set down your coffee or dive into a good book. The light from the lamp makes everything glow nice and cozy. And look at this cool tiered shelf next to the couch. It’s perfect for showing off your treasures without eating up space.

The floor’s got this cushy carpet that’s gentle on your toes and keeps things quiet. Look up, and you’ll spot the seams on the ceiling. That’s how you know it’s a mobile home—they put it together in pieces.

The living room opens to a hallway, so it never feels boxed in. It’s all about staying comfy while making the best use of space, just like back in the day when they first rolled these homes out.



This kitchen from a 1979 mobile home is a neat little about being clever with space.

The walls pop with a bright blue, and the white cabinets up top bounce the light around. It all feels fresh and now. The ceiling’s got that classic mobile home look with seams you can see.

Everything’s where it should be in this tidy kitchen. There’s a spot for cooking on an electric stove—just right for the home on wheels. The countertops are probably that sturdy laminate stuff that’s a snap to clean.

Over by the window, there’s a shiny double sink. It lets you peek outside and floods the place with sunlight, which is super for a compact kitchen. You’ve got enough room to chop veggies and whip up a meal.

This tough laminate looks like wood on the floor and can take a lot of foot traffic. Then there’s this little nook with a bright yellow table and chairs, perfect for sipping your morning coffee or munching on snacks.

A simple light hangs from the ceiling, ensuring you can see what you’re cooking, day or night.

Dining Area

1979-Mobile-Home-Dining Area

This dining spot in a 1979 mobile home is super welcoming. It’s got this sunny yellow table and chairs that brighten up the place. The table is covered in tiles, which look great and are a breeze to wipe down after a meal.

A big window lets in loads of sunshine, making the room feel open and airy—just what you need in a snug space like this. The window’s straightforward cover fits right in with the home’s no-fuss style.

The white cabinets from the kitchen stretch into this area, too, so everything looks neat and tied together. The same striking blue on the walls makes the dining area feel like part of the team. And that color trick? It makes the room seem bigger.

The floor has this wood-look laminate that can handle many coming and going. It’s tough and super easy to keep clean.

When the sun dips down, a light overhead keeps your dinner lit. The table is right by the window, so you can enjoy the view while you eat.

This little dining nook shows how you can have a nice place to eat without much space. It’s all about being smart with what you’ve got. The cheery colors and sunshine pouring in make it an inviting corner for enjoying meals.



This bedroom from a 1979 mobile home is as cozy as it gets. It’s got this calming blue on the walls and vertical panels that give it some character.

The bed is the main event here, with a clean white cover and pillows that match the wall colors. It’s simple but comfy, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

The carpet is a light shade, making the room look brighter. It’s also soft to walk on. Plus, it keeps things nice and quiet when trying to catch some Zs.

Over by the bed, there’s this neat little table with an old-timey radio and a lamp. It’s just the spot for your bedtime book and a lamp that gives off a soft glow. And check out the light on the wall above the bed. It’s great for reading without cluttering the table.

The windows keep it simple, with just enough covering to let the sun in and keep your room private. With the ceiling light, the room is bright both day and night.



This bathroom in a 1979 mobile home is pretty sweet and works well. It has a nice, light feel.

The sink cabinet pops in a fun turquoise color that brightens everything up. There’s a big mirror right above it with a fancy frame that makes the bathroom look bigger. Plus, there’s plenty of room next to the sink for all your stuff.

Check out the shower curtain. It’s got all these bright, fun designs that make you smile. It’s like a splash of happiness for the whole room. And you could match it with some neat towels or other bits and bobs in the bathroom.

There’s a light right over the mirror that’s just right for shaving or putting on makeup. And the frosted window lets in daylight without letting folks see inside.

There’s this handy medicine cabinet above the toilet where you can hide away the small things. This helps keep the sink clutter-free. And there are places to hang your towels, so they’re right where you need them.


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