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Mobile Home Porches

Beautiful Photos of Mobile Home Porches

In the past years, you could only find trailers used as mobile home but now, the design is way more various that what you think. You can find it look exactly the same like homes built from bricks and mortars. Even if it’s not built from those solid materials, mobile homes are still strong and sturdy. It’s way different from those trailer mobile homes. The big difference is not only on the materials used to build these mobile homes, the design also get huge transformation. In short, mobile homes are made to have similar design like conventional homes. It’s also a big transformation to have two-story mobile home that gives more space and rooms. So, it won’t be surprising to have mobile home with porches on the front. Giving more aesthetic touch into the structure, mobile home porches will certainly give a big transformation on how mobile homes look like. With the addition, mobile homes become more convenient to live it.

Advance technology is applied on mobile home, making it much easier to build. It’s way different from trailer mobile home that you used to know. In trailer mobile homes, you don’t need to build its structure and you can just live in it right away. However, you won’t be able to get different design on the home and building porches on the exterior will be out of question. Modern mobile homes get big transformation on the structure, allowing it to get more variations on the design and also get mobile home porches built outside. Aesthetically, it’s a nice improvement on mobile home. After all, it doesn’t take too much effort to build additional porches on mobile home. You need to keep in mind that these porches aren’t attached to mobile homes. Such design is meant to prevent damage on both structures when you move the mobile home. As it’s built independently, movement on the mobile home won’t affect mobile home porches.

Pics of Single Wide Mobile Home Porch

In order to get the perfect fit of porches for your mobile home, there are few things that you need to consider. First, you need to decide the size of the porch. It’s best to keep it in balance size to the mobile home. If you want to build large mobile home porches, then you need to make sure that this size also fits for the main building of the mobile home. Next, you also need to find the right materials to use on the construction. Pine wood becomes a popular choice. It’s light, yet quite strong. It’s also affordable, so you won’t be burdened with extra budget in building porches for your mobile home. Of course, your budget becomes the next factor that affects the building of your mobile home porches. The first step would be planting posts and you would need to pour concrete to keep these posts sturdy. After the concrete has dried and set, you can proceed to make framing, including for the stairs. Once it’s completed, you can screw down decking planks. These simple steps will give you mobile home porches to complete your mobile home.

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