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2 Story Modular Homes

Two Story Modular Homes with Garage

Modular house or also known as prefab house has been popular since hundreds years ago. The conception of some sectional parts of a single home structure to be reconstructed together in different location is still popular even until today. The first coming of modular home was wooden house broken into some pieces. The growing movement of this type of house is dramatically developed from simple structure to be various designs which meet the people’s demand in modern life. Therefore, it is very likely to find versatile options of 2 story modular homes with various styles and house plans so having beautiful dwelling for the whole family is possible.

2 Story Modular Homes Today

2 Story Modular Homes in Arkansas

As the popularity and progress on properties, the architectural term also attracted to respect for modular homes and many architects take part in modular home designs delivering various models of modular home with all features both the assembling process and the cost of construction. Many people find that the price of land and property are too high today, and they tend to find solution to still own proper dwelling which can provide comfort and protection as well great in style. 2 story modular homes come with various styles offer convenience and aesthetic beauty even when it comes with prefab type. The house plans are able easily to found and it is likely to have beautiful stunning house in affordable budget.

Started from simple and practical design by considering the function and reconstruction, today the modular homes have developed much more than its initial models. Features, rooms, elements are available in wide array. For some reasons, the house plan of modular home with two-story are indistinguishable with home built-on site because prefab house type can accommodate several bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage not to mention living room  and dining room. The size of the house will affect the number of rooms and sections and surely it depends on the width of the site where the pieces will be reconstructed. Some styles are available to opt out from modern, colonial, contemporary and many more. Regardless of some bad reputation received by modular home several times ago, today, the construction material is chosen for sturdier and better quality which can guarantee the safety of home.

2 Story Modular Homes and 2 Story Built-On Site Homes

Generally, the outline of differences between 2 story modular homes and typical house with 2  story is clear, one is prefab or built-off type and it needs to be transported to an area to reconstruct whereas another one is built-on site home in which the building process and construction takes place in the plot land. Besides that, the materials used for the construction are also different considering the modular type which should be able to be brought to another place. For other terms for instance, features, components, elements and sections both types are similar. The modular home with two store is tiered in which every story can have own arrangement yet it should be still in the basic construction from the manufacturers. It can accommodate several bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms to certain purpose. Some designs even feature some conveniences and amenities.


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