What You Need To Know before Designing Deck for Mobile Homes

The deck is an essential element to make your mobile home looks beautiful. Moreover, the deck can also create your house larger than before. It is great to build a deck for your mobile house especially if the area is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Before finding deck designs for mobile homes, it is essential for you to know how to design a deck for a mobile home. It is a must to see if you want to do it yourself deck or hire a professional.

The first thing to know if you want to apply one of deck designs for mobile homes is deciding the location of the deck. Choosing the area is essential, so you know the exact size and shape for the deck. This is also important to determine the additional ornament such as the stairs.

Deck Design Ideas for Mobile Homes

Second, you can start to design the deck based on the information achieved previously. One of the media you can use to sketch the design of the deck is graph paper. This graph paper is useful because your sketch is created in a specific scale.

Third, after sketching, you can continue the process by determining the materials you want to use and prepare the tools you need. For your information, there are several tools and materials you need to create a deck for your beloved mobile house.

Commonly, the tools you need to prepare to support this deck building project are gloves, ladder, nails, chalk line, deck screws, and much more. The size and the type of materials and tools are various, and it depends on the design you want to build.

Front Deck Ideas for Mobile Homes

How about if you can’t draw deck designs for mobile homes? Don’t worry with that because you can just hire a deck designer to sketch your deck. Fourth, it is also necessary for you to hire a building inspector or builder. The responsibility of the deck builder is not only built your deck.

A reputable deck building service will have multi skills. They know what the best for their client so they will give you specific advice. As a result, the deck can be built faster based on the budget you have. The most important thing is that the result will make you satisfy.

Additional information you need to notice related to deck designs for mobile homes is the strength of the deck. Specifically, you have to make sure that the deck can support the live load and dead load. In this case, a fixed deck has to be able to keep around 40 lbs live load and approximately 15 lbs dead load.

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The type of material is also various, but for mobile homes, builders or people tend to use wood as the primary material. There are several kinds of wood used. Those are redwood, cedar, pine, and also hardwood. The main reason why people tend to use wood as the material is that it has high character and also creates a natural atmosphere. If it is difficult to find wood around your area, you can also use the different type of material including vinyl, aluminum, composite, or wood plastic composite.