What to Know about Triple Wide Mobile Homes

There are several types of mobile homes, and one of them is triple wide mobile homes. The concept for this kind of home is it is prefab house in which we can quickly assemble the pieces. Since it is triple means that the components consist of three parts. There are available in two kinds which […]

The Benefits of Taking Cargo Container Home

A revolutionary house design known as cargo container home is fashionable today. This concerning to the fact that this type of house can be an efficient way to solve the need of a house in present day.  The question is how much money you need to spend to build a cargo container home? Is it […]

Mobile Home Siding

A mobile home may look the same as a conventional house from the outside, but it may not be as strong as the ones built from bricks and mortars. Indeed, the materials used to create a mobile home are less durable than conventional homes. Therefore, additional protection may be required to prevent damage to mobile […]

Mobile Home Kitchen

Living in the mobile home seems like a convenient way to enjoy life, especially for those who often move around the country. However, a significant change-up coming in mobile home designs. Making a big transformation from a mobile home that we used to know, today’s mobile home gets improvements on the design. Although it’s going […]

Cabin Mobile Homes with Aesthetic Design and Good Comfort

What we used to know as trailer now has evolved entirely. Indeed, the mobile home gets more sophisticated as time goes by. You might recognize mobile home as it was only a large trailer car that can be moved around quickly. Now, you can find mobile homes in various designs. What used to look like […]

Model and Design of Container Home

Container Home is now famous not only among architects but also commoners; it doesn’t need additional raw materials because you just need to re-decorate your container to be comfortable as a house. Container Home is considered cheaper compare to build a conventional house.  Since the house is made from steel intermodal container, it is classified […]

Shipping Container Homes

There are various types of house that you could find with multiple choices of style, size, and specifications. On the other hand, some people might prefer to build their own home instead of buying the house that is already built. There are various types of architectural design that you could choose for the house that […]