Are you wondering about double-wide mobile home prices?

Since they are larger than ordinary mobile homes, their prices are higher. Whether you want to build it from scratch or buy an already-established one, you will end up paying more. What is the reasonable price for a double wide manufactured house? There is no exact price. There are a lot of things to take […]

How to Find Mobile Homes for Rent?

Finding mobile homes for rent is not a daunting task. It is pretty easy. Many dealerships are offering these temporary homes, be it selling or leasing. If you want to rent a mobile home, there are a few things you need to know in advance. Here are some essential things concerning home park laws. Renting […]

Do You Want to Replace a Mobile Home Door? Read This First!

Do you want to replace a mobile home door? If you are looking for a replacement door, please read the following explanation. Changing an entry is not a tricky task if you know where to start. Before you begin any project, it is vital for you to recognize the characteristics of a mobile home door. […]

Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

The challenge in decorating a mobile home is how to make the interior feel as spacious as possible. We usually catch this claustrophobic vibe coming out of the interior of a trailer park. Well, the majority of manufactured homes are inevitably compact, probably small in your dictionary. It is pretty daunting to deal with a […]

Choosing a Mobile Home Dealer

If you want to own a manufactured home, best buy from a reputable mobile home dealer. If you live in a big city, chances are you will be able to find dealers these simple selling homes. The manufacturing of these units should be based on high standards. What features do you expect from a manufactured […]

Mobile Home Interior Design

Having a manufactured house is much less complicated than having a permanent one even if it is small. The interior of a house defines comfort. It is the first thing to think of after you have received your unit from the dealer. A decorating project doesn’t require someone to be a professional. With only willpower, […]


Mobile Home Bathroom Remodels

All parts of a mobile home are essential. If you live in a manufactured home, your bedroom is not only the vital part. The bathroom is just as crucial. Hence, you also have to give it the attention it deserves. In decorating the bathroom, what matters the most is that you have to put your […]